I was not expecting that

going to be awkward in the locker room….

Interesting. The devil is in the detail of course but my guess is ultimately the PGA tour has 'won'.

I think the guys who took the LIV money have won - if they end up back on tour with the status quo potentially maintained...

Efffff me that feels like a mahoosive loss for PGA

almost as if they were pushed into it via the litigation….

They get the best players from LIV back and protect the brand probably in return for letting them play a few fairly meaningless LIV events when they would no doubt not be playing a regular event anyway. 

The PGA Tour had said last year that LIV Golf was using the “sport of golf to 'sportswash' the Saudi government's deplorable reputation for human rights abuses”. Now the entities are ending their legal dispute by combining

Interesting, good for the game overall I think, you always want the best fields possible. 

Does feel like a LIV win though.  

The PGA tour has been copying the LIV approach this season with enhanced events - like this weekend's which was awesome.  

presume there will be LIV off season window in the winter that will be largely played in the middle east.     Those players that turned down a fortune on principle will be fuming though - suspect the fees for joining up will now plummet....

The new entity has not been named yet but the deal signals a new era of cooperation


I totally misread that last word at first glance speed reading.

there is a good article by competition expert Matt Stoller on why an actual merger is impossible - breaks all the rules

the PGA president actually publicly said this would enable them to remove a competitor - which is all sorts of unlawful

what may actually happen is the Saudis invest into the PGA to get a minority stake or something and wind up their own tour

basically the Saudis have bullied their way into golf using their wedge (pardon the pun) and now control it.  worrying on many levels.

Saudi is doing what the Gulf countries do well and splash cash. I have no doubt that when the dust settles the PGA will still dictate things.