LinkedIn users

Is there a disproportionately high number of weirdos on this. I get loads of unsolicited DMs and they seem to get very shirty if you don’t reply

Then today I was reading a post on my feed where a user reported someone who made a critical (but benign) comment about a post of hers to the police. I mean WTF?

Can’t remember the last time I looked at linkedin. It changed a few years back to something totally indigestible. Full of personal half thought through stories of struggles and weak epiphanies. The sort of stuff that even Tony Robins would cringe at. 


I look daily (must stop - it’s total shit)

From what I see, it’s a load of people not being themselves and recycling old lines about “what makes a great leader”.

Or it’s “oh here’s a picture of my kid, I bet you will all hate this as this is NOT FAcEboOK”.

Or it’s - “ hey - here’s my video about a day in the life of me as a junior recruiter where I have a coffee to start the day, play with my dog and do no work”

“I’m recruiting” - no you aren’t - you are an incredibly small cog in a large corporate machine and a position needs filling because the last person was mistreated so badly.

“I’m humbled to have won the Slightly More Effective Than His Peers Who Don’t Give a Shite” Award. I’d like to thank the Senior Partners without whom I would never have amounted to anything more than a skid-mark in the history books of their esteemed firm”

"Great to offer up my already badly prolapsed arsehole for another fisting at the hands of auntz Brothers LLP on their asset stripping pre-packaged administration of Shit High Street Store #42 PLC. See you for the next deal so I can keep up payments on the ex-council house in St Ives!"  

No. It is probably the least weird social media platform. There are still weirdos, but the real name / professional ethos disciplines most people to be reasonable. I really like linkedin. I barely look at X these days and I could happily delete my FB account (although see no reason to) and Insta is just dogshit. But I wouldn’t be without LinkedIn