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LinkedIn announcement

By chambers of the arrival of pupils. 

when did this he come a thing? I guess it is a huge investment and competition (by chambers and students respectively). But it is a big cultural shift.

Way back when, as a pupil you were not on the marketing map. Not until you had made a mark and the set had decided to take you on, and even then you needed first to deliver on the show of trust in you and on your potential, by handling instructions well, impressing instructing solicitors and silks, developing the grains of a reputation. Getting lucky and building on that. Took some time. In many ways invisibility was a relief- no undue pressure while you found your pace. I feel for these pupils and the weight of expectation. 

People are on the marketing ladder these days as soon as they’re old enough to meet their parents mates’ kids. 

In many ways invisibility was a relief- no undue pressure while you found your pace


in fact that sentence applies to all of my teens and twenties not just work

Weight of expectation my arse

people these days are accustomed to announcing every minutae of their lives on social media

This is different though, Minkie. They have pupillages (3VB etc) and chambers are announcing (not them). It’s like the set is going on the record with a massive HERE WE GO. 
yup theyre the lucky ones, no doubt deserving 

They’re both as bad as each other.

Seriously though. Privacy is now extremely valuable. 

But apart from their parents, who actually gives a monkeys that these nonentities are being announced as joining? 

And no one is ‘expecting’ them to be doing anything of note for a few years…

The whole thing is an inflationary event of our time with, as always, absolute nil core value proposition as yet. 

Pupils are often thrown in at the deep end immediately and it’s their chance to build up relationships with instructing solicitors. Chambers have invested heavily in interviewing for the right people and many are exceptional. I therefore understand why they would announce it to get their names out there. However I have not been on LinkedIn for a while as so full of dull humblebrag and faked relatives in hospital.  There is also some good stuff obvs. 

  • By Chambers of the arrival of pupils. 
  • By contrast.
  • Would be Chambers livestreaming from the school gates and doing a roll call.
  • All for reasons known only to him.