Life satisfaction audit

How happy out of 10 are you with your choices and the way things have panned out so far?

If you could make a significantly different choice in any of the following categories would you?

University stuff

Romance/ life partner/ sex stuff

Friends stuff

Family stuff

Adventure stuff

Me probs 7 



Wish I hadn't done whatever I did to offend reunion pal (I think)

Should be more filially pious daughter. This is more than cancelled out by being so glad not to have children. So glad. I'm becoming like vegans but for being childfree.

Wish in general maybe I'd been more adventurous but then can always start now.

Probably 9

I'm a happy man with a resilient and positive attitude 

Uni - na, save for I probably would have done more boozing and shagging tbf tbf but was very good when I was there 

Romance - nailed it 

Friends - would like a bit more time with them and few went too young but otherwise, great 

Family - yea, nailed it. Healthy children, dogs, house is basically a madhouse but it is wonderful and makes everything else in life irrelevant

Adventure - not since kids but see above, don't need it anymore when my life is so full and rich 

Contrary to your prejudices Davos, I didn’t have a private education, was the first in my family to go University, and my grandad was a bus-driver after fighting in WW2.

No one gave me, or I suspect most Roffers you accuse of having a gilded life, anything on a plate, 

7 maybe 7.5. It's all good. Decent career. Financially in a fairly good place, marriage holding together, couple of great kids who are both doing fine. Easy life in lots of ways.  No major tragedies or dramas or hard times to speak of. 

Big sense of not actually having done anything with my life though.


7/10. Will go up to 8 when house purchase closes. The deficit against 10 is mostly due to having to balance being a family man with being a transactional lawyer rather than a silicon valley AI mogul, but plans afoot in latter regard.

Probably about a 3.  Would not do again thank you.

University stuff: was good, enjoyed all of my degrees though doing a masters part time while working/tutoring/raising a family was not clever.  Reckon I've got at least one more in me following retirement, probably art 

Romance/ life partner/ sex stuff: after marriage ended had relationships with a number of surprisingly (given what I look like, thank goodness for being funny) hot and often filthy women but none lasted longer than a year.  Done all the sex things I ever wanted to try.  Am now celibate and intend to stay that way, and tbh it's a bit of a relief 

Friends stuff: Never really had a lot of very close friends, always been a loner - I find humans fascinating but a bit scary, so I like studying them more than interacting with them.  Since first round of therapy in 2008 no longer get lonely which is nice 

Family stuff: Daughters have been awesome, best things in my life.  The rest of my family with the exception of my younger brothers can all die in a hole

Adventure stuff: Done some mental things, tried the army stuff belting around on helocopters and armoured vehicles, blowing sh*t up.  Climbed some decent sized mountains (though it rankles not to have bagged the Matterhorn, tried twice, once cancelled due to weather, the other due to injury), caving, white-water rafting, rock-climbing & done a load of trekking all over the globe.  Slightly disappointed not to have tried Everest or at least one of the 8000's, was well on track for it when my mental health collapsed.  Very annoyed not to have tried skydiving as I'm now failing the age and health requirements.       

How happy out of 10 are you with your choices and the way things have panned out so far?

6.5/10 - Can't bring myself to give it a full 7.  Endless slog makes for a very dull life.

If you could make a significantly different choice in any of the following categories would you?

University stuff:  Actually, I'd have worked harder both in A'levels and Uni.

Romance/ life partner/ sex stuff:  Not dated an absolute khunt for seven years of my life.

Friends stuff:  No change - I am fairly individual and prefer to have very few but close friends.

Family stuff: No change.

Adventure stuff:  I think the only thing I wish I'd done, is something like OTC or the Cadets. I think it would have instilled some rigour sooner rather than later.


i didn't always make great choices but things have worked out pretty well; i do sometimes wonder what might happened if i made different choices but my life would probably have been very different if i had 

childfree chilling in the North East, merk, I am telling u it's the dream 

(have you Heard the Good News etc)

admittedly your dream has more seagulls than mine

I saw a seagull and a pigeon having a mad fight on the way to the gym, actually. The pigeon got free. I was very impressed because I was sure he was a goner.