To the lady lawyer in seat j86 barking about your deal

Gonnae wheesht or shut up about your worries about it getting into the public domain, yeah? "We don't want people to know what the arrangements are!!!"

I went to a reception in Middle Temple Hall once for a new London branch of a Midlands firm.

On my late train back I was sitting across from an occupied 4-seats by their pretty pissed male Head Office senior partners, who I had recognised from when a couple of them had made speeches.

They spent the whole journey discussing who in their firm they fancied, and who they would shag. Good job i didn’t work for the SRA…

Nah matey, only about 8 years ago…

I was able to live text my (female) pal who worked there a fair amount of interesting intelligence. 

As it happens, they didn’t talk about her.

People are remarkably indiscreet on public transport.  I recall reading a firm’s accounts being read by the person sitting next to me on Thameslink (they were not happy reading).  Because I’d cycled to station and was pretty messy I assume they thought that I was unaware, 

Years ago while a trainee I attended a course where one of the speakers warned everyone about the perils of discussing cases on the Edinburgh to Glasgow train. Decent advice given how many travel daily between the cities. Heard same speaker talking about one of her cases on the train home to Glasgow not five hours later. 

Do as I say...