invisalign - have u tried it?

lower teeth are weirding me out so think I might try straightening them

worried about the lisp thing tho

I had them, but I stopped using the retainer and so my teeth have moved back.  With hindsight I would have had old school fixed braces 

Plus I had so many "bumps" that they weren't invisible at all and got discoloured as I drank red wine and coffee and also smoked.

Could barely tell he was wearing them most of the time, but they are definitely not invisible. And yes you need to avoid coffee and red wine and also brush your teeth a lot.

the retainer would be a requirement whatever form of braces you have

Yes, I am currently about 12 months in. Seems to be working quite well and should hopefully be done soon. They are much less noticable visually than old school braces, but not completely invisible. It's a bit of a faff having to take them out every time you eat something and then brush your teeth and the trays before putting them back in. With hindsight I would probably also have gone with the old school braces for the convenience, especially if I'd known that almost no one would see them anyway with lockdown and masks etc.

Invisalign won't do lowers only. Has to be full set, and therefore the cost is 3x lowers only fixed (which is what I currently have, clear version). I am getting a retainer bar fixed behind uppers next time I go in case they decide to wander too.

Fixed did cause a vile lisp issue at one point where they created a fooking great gap between the front teeth which hadn't been there before. THey really do shift them around quite massivley and the movement happens so fast after the adjustment session. Mine weren't very crooked but two were leaning backwards; didn't think it would be a huge job - they've shuffled things around MASSIVELY to get to the end result though - springs, blocks whatever. It may of course be that I have a terrible orthodontist (he's doing kids on the Nash so convenient)

This is a great thread thanks as went for the consult for Invisalign b4 covid and still not committed.

my bottom teeth have drifted loads - not really noticeable pre zoom, now all I can see is this strange little coffin tooth. I will get fixed. 

I have recently started invisalign. I'm on my second aligner (I will have 26 aligners in total although i have been warned that there is usually 'refinement' aligners to look forward to after). I've been shocked at how there has been no pain / discomfort and that the first two aligners haven't been noticeable at all. However, that will probably change with later aligners which will have attachments (tooth colour bumps) on top of certain teeth which I'm not looking forward to. In terms of lisp, I think i had one for a day or so but that's gone. Had I known how long lockdown would have went on last year, I would have went for more traditional braces which are cheaper and probably more effective. Taking them out to eat and brushing your teeth and the aligner before putting them back in is a bit of a pain but I guess it leads to good dental hygiene habits. Definitely go for a consultation but if it's going to take much longer than a year, I think you would be better going for proper braces.

thanks, escaped, i didn't realise you could get fixed lower only! was suggested in the past that you needed both

if I can get lower I would just do that

(re 12 months ago don't get excited about the next 12 months but also would have been somewhat stressful if anything broke while the dentists were fully shut)

my mrs started it yesterday ... so far so good but she is still getting used to it. casual observations suggest that getting the aligners in/out takes a bit of practice.

I have fairly normal (man) fingernails and haven't had any issues taking them out or putting them back in but I know there is something you get on amazon (aligner removal tool is the name funnily enough) to help if it is a problem. 

Clergs, my teeth are in pretty good nick, but whilst I have time on my hands, am working mainly from home , I have decided to go the whole hog and have them perfected so to speak . I am a slightly nervous patient and in days gone by I wouldn't complete the full treatment plan as work got in the way, and would find reasons to delay the treatment.

So I am going down the fixed ceramics braces route , much to the  subtle annoyance of the two partners in the practice, one an orthodontist, and one prosothodonticts and oral surgery specialist.They heavily promote Invisalign, I suspect the margins are huge for the practice, and you don't have to go back every month and take up an hour of an orthodontist time whilst they tweak the braces as required

Invisalign require a high degree of "discipline" much of which has been discussed here. I want this process over and as quick as possible with least faffing about so fixed braces it is. And I think are they not more effective in getting ones teeth more symmetrical and perfectly aligned than invisalign. Clergs either way, I am about a grand in , through expenditure on CT Scans, X-Rays, initial orthodontist consultation,, Hygienist, etc, etc. Before so much as an. invislign retainer goes near your mouth you will have to incur these costs, and if you need fillings, extractions, or other stuff the dentist will insist these are done before visiting the ortho specialist. More money please.

The beauty od my practice is all the specialists and their kit are all in house, so things can be done quickly and seemlesly without you trapsing around carious specialists who your dentist will refer you to. Lastly the place looks like an advertising agency, not a dentist at all. They must be making a serious fortune. Little wonder a lot of my uni mates even when studying and mid way through the course wished they had studied Dentistry instead. One very close mate took the opposite view and has just recently qualified in Max Fac stuff. I think he can still have a side gig doing dentisrty on the side, though Crypto/Chimp will confirm if that is the case.

I had to have braces to pull in place a jaw misalignment and took the opportunity to get my lower teeth straightened.

Clear braces can't really be seen when you are talking and, a year and a half after removal of the braces I just wear the gum guard 2 nights a week and they've not moved.

A colleague has Invisalign and it worked well but, a year later they have moved back.  She wasn't rigid enough with the process.

@clergs - she says she has been using her fingernails but will experiment w/o later. it’s been 24 hours and she will be hitting the tramadol when she gets home. she has a low pain tolerance though...

Well I had my upper arch done, a month ago. C- ligating clear cermaic braces are all the rage according to orthodontists. They are faster, more accurate than Invisalign, and there is a much greater chance you won't have to use retainers nearly as much after you have had them removed.

No pain, discomfort, or irritation whatsoever . Also you do not need to see your ortho nearly as much, to get tightening and adjustments. No elastic bands, just tiny brackets with a super thin wire running through them. Off to get lower arch done this PM

I had lower only Invisalign earlier this year so it can def be done. It was fine. You do need to brush etc. i took it out when I needed to (important meetings when I was presenting / speeches etc) and extended the time by a couple of weeks as a result but I was fine with that  


can’t see that can be any worse than having something fixed on your teeth. It worked well. 

I had invisalign. It works brilliantly.  If you WFH it's so much easier as I was in the office when I had mine and finding a clean loo/basin to take them in and out  after lunch was the hardest bit!

I had a couple of attachments on mine - they weren't really visible. You're not supposed to eat and drink in them.  It's definitely worth it. Although one of my teeth has moved round a bit again but that' s because I have a crown and you can't have a fixed retainer on any arch with a crown - I use the plastic retainer but they are obviously not strong enough for this one tooth!  Go for it.


I've been looking into this and there are lingual braces which are metal braces that go on in the back of your teeth so like traditional braces and are still invisible. 

Ebitda, is your orthodontist London based? Would your recommend?