How many sick days do YOU take? 

Average is 7.8 a year

I haven't taken 1 for over a decade 

Even that was a hangover 


none, because i have a nonsense job that can be done from the sofa.

if I had a job that required being somewhere and doing actual stuff i’d probably end up taking a couple a year

Yeah surely everyone had a few days off with the vuvu. 

Bragging about being the most present is Beta boy behaviour. "Ooh I had a high fever and my throat felt like I'd swallowed a nest of Asian hornets, but I carried on blozzing docs for a week instead of resting and getting better in a couple of days".

Maybe one a year. In AU they view the 10 days sick leave as additional annual leave. 

I take less now -  if I am sick I just stay at home and don’t do anything rather than take an official day off. 

surely everyone had a few days off with the vuvu. 

Maybe people with rubbish immune systems.

Anyway, the average must be skewed (a bit) by people who take the piss and (a lot) by the chronically unwell/ people recovering from surgery etc.

I think I’ve taken one sick day in five years. Had no reason to take any more. 

I take sick days as and when needed, I never try and work through them because it takes that much longer than to recover. Plus why forego an extra day or two in bed?

I think I took three or four last year. 

Last one was about 4 years ago, the day after a holiday I think some sort of aeroplane bug left me vomiting.

I don't really get ill, COVID was just a cold for me, so I worked, from home of course, with reduced enthusiasm.

I often wonder whether it's a blessing to never be ill or whether everyone else is just a bit pathetic. You only know your own experience.

If I'm ill definitely take a sick day and that means that I won't be hauling myself out of bed to have a look at my e-mails either.  Have had a couple of occasions in recent years where I've spent a chunk of the night up either puking or squitting and definitely not trying to work after that.

Had a week off with campylobacter. I basically couldnt move, let alone think straight, all that time. Your firm's or employers will not thank you for something up when you shouldn't be making decisions and helping clients.

I take time off when I am sick, normally 5 - 6 days a year - covid a few times recently, heavy cold, migraine etc - I cannot preform well when I am sick - so it is better for all I do not.

I mean I've had surgery days and doctor ordered bed rest days, so that.

but for the common Covid I mean common cold I would probably not book a proper sick day just work from home until I didn't have symptoms