The Homophobic Secretary

The other groups she was seeking to exclude was "being a woman"

Am not sure being a woman was ever grounds for asylum.. However shit the regime and however badly women were treated they were not imprisoned etc for being women.


T Pot - I think an Afghan woman would in almost all circumstances have a decent claim to asylum under the current law. I also think that is probably correct morally.  It gets a little more complex with e.g. Iranian and even Saudi women and it is hard to know where you draw the line. 

I despise Braverman but on the narrow (and much abused) point around small boats/crossing multiple safe countries she is correct.  But the solution is to have a proper agreement with our European neighbours about taking our fair share of refugees who arrive across the Med not to try to rely on our geography to claim it is isn't our problem. 

I think she is cynically playing to the only audience the Tory party have left. She really can't be this stupid, it has to be an act.



Michael Howard’s family would not have been granted entry to the U.K. had the rules he promulgated been in place at the relevant time. Likewise for fvcking Suella whose parents iirc came from Mauritius in the 60s. She should think herself lucky that the current loony right doesn’t have repatriation as an objective but is happy for people like her to do their dirty work for them. 

The Americans will absolutely laugh her off stage for this. It’s akin to Michelle Obama coming out as a birther.

I can see some logic, in the sense that it would be persecution if you could be executed for being gay but not so much if a bigoted patissier refused to make you a wedding cake.

I'm not aware that "denied wedding cake" appears very often on asylum claims. Perhaps the crimmigration lawyers are advising their clients not to include this as one of their grounds.

Still, probably best to completely rewrite an international treaty, just to be on the safe side.

Capital J journalist Ava Santina v good on this on Piers Moron of all places. She’s going to be massive.

Unlike the UK, in some countries not all companies have included LGBT colours into their logos. Yet. This is very discriminatory and people from those countries definitely deserve asylum.

Barry with some late night homophobia

To add to his recent racism 

On top of last week's homophobia

Not good 

The world is in a new stage with the vast numbers of asylum seekers and economic migrants and with climate change likely to mean a huge increase. We need completely new rules which might, sadly, have to be less accommodating to those who want to move to the West. Difficult choices are going to have to be made.

You can't think of her as capable of human emotions like homophobia. Think of her more like COVID or Japanese Knotweed - a massive fooking bastard for humanity, but ultimately just doing what it does. 

But that absolves her of agency and therefore responsibility. She’s a c unt who needs calling out and shipping off. 

Off-topic, but interesting. T Pot and Donny D, the CJEU has nearly drawn the line as to when being being a woman is grounds for asylum 

"a group consisting of women and girls who share a belief in gender equality has a distinct identity in the country of origin if, when they express that belief by way of statements or conduct, they are perceived by society in that country as transgressing social mores..."