Hey Chill. Can I ask you some questions?
Donny Darko's … 26 May 23 13:34
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So you say housing is a basic human right that should not be provided by the private sector (at least when it is rented). Can I just check how much housing is a basic human right?  Are we talking one bedroom per family member? Do you get a spare?  Do you have to move out when your kids leave home or your husband dies so you are not taking up more than your fair share of space? How much choice do we get on area? Can I pick Belgravia?  What if you want to move?

Can I also just check what else is a basic human right?

1. Food?  Should the state take over all production and distribution? Does this include restaurants?

2. Transport? If so is it limited to public transport or, if I live in the country does the state have to rent me a car? 

3. Energy? Is there a limit on how much I can use? 

Just trying to get a flavour of how errm extensive this human right you are giving me is.  Thks


I agree Davos. I'd go so far as to say there is a moral obligation for any rich country to do so, but the history of attempting to do so without any involvement from the for profit sector is not brilliant.... 

I mean people had a good crack at this in the 20th century in a few places. It generally didn't end well