Have just learned of the existence of the yin-yang fish (cw themes of horror)

The actual fook is wrong with human beings.

I hve googled.


not for me thanks clive


i wouldnt eat carp even if well battered


wintering in eastern yerp is quite grim.  They have pddling pools full of rancid carp on every street corner which they eat on xmas day.  Cos it's a bottom feeder it is filthy so they have to keep the live fish in the bath for a few days to cleanse it before clobbering it on xmas day.  I imagine it is brought whole to the table accompanied by some sort of cabbage begore the (presumably unwashed for a week) family tucks in

Wtf is wrong with people who would think something like this up 

I knew carp were festive fare but I've never seen them stoating around 

Blerg just be vegetarian, everyone 

I have always thought the French and the Chinese are very similar in their appetite for foods that involve the suffering of a living creature.