Going to the cinema

It’s become quite a grim ordeal, listening to folks gorge themselves on whatever picnic they have decided to bring with them.

Popcorn, crisps, nachos, sweets in layers of wrapping, the food also appears to be designed to make as much noise as humanly possible. 

Each day they should put on a food-free showing of each film.


The sound doesn’t bother me much, just the volumes and masses of crap that people will consume because they’re told it’s the thing to do. None of it looks appealing, especially those rank nachos.

I actually shouted out at a couple recently to make less noise, so intrusively loud had it become. 

Oh, and the awful slurping through straws of those massive flagons of soft drinks…

I think I’ll build a cinema room in the garage.

Our local indie has a message asking people to eat quiet food - that they sell at the counter. 

sounds like you need to chill out a bit Marshall. Life’s too short and too long to keep telling people off for minor things like eating loudly (wtf 🤣)

You’re watching the wrong films in the wrong places m8. 

If you do go to your nearest multiplex to watch whatever Marvel comics CGI fest is on this week then this will happen.

If you go to the indie/Everyman to see something where the protagonists don’t wear tights and masks then they will bring you a G&T halfway through and you can enjoy the film undisturbed by teenage hormones.

I agree the correct response to this is ‘wotevs grandad’.

Tbh watching any film at home is better than any cinema for the reasons marshall outlines. Also it's bloody expensive. I average perhaps 1 trip every 5 years

Yeah it's interesting how people slowly morph from being fun into being the grumpy old sods their fun selves used to laugh at, but have no awareness that it's happening. Or any ability to question the violent surges of anger they experience over the sound of someone else eating.

It's happening to my Dad at the moment, not pretty to watch.

Not really.

I watched Tar at the weekend, which has loads of quiet  moments. Agree that during an action film the rustling would be largely drowned out.

When I did shout out, I had a large murmur of 'yes' from a bunch of other attendees similarly afflicted.

No one stuffs their gob with food during the theatre, or a music concert - why should a cinema be any different?

Yet another example of the take-over of society by the narcissists, who don't give a moment's thought to how their own behaviour affects other folks.

Quite funny that later middle aged middle class man is accusing others of being narcissists...as he is absolutely furious at people eating.

Bet someone is telling the opposite of this story somewhere....

I also dislike the way a trip to the cinema has become a couple of hours sitting next to selfish people chomping their way through smelly/noisy food.  Everyman is a key offender - serving full meals to people in the cinema, who then put the dirty plates with leftovers on the floor, ugh. 

Some people want a trip to the cinema to be like watching telly at home on a bigger scale, not the communal experience, with associated consideration for other people, that it should be. 

Its another example of having loud conversations on a mobile phone on the train - complete ignorance of others in a public space.   

If you want to eat in public, go to a restaurant.  Leave the cinema for people who want to watch a film. If you can't sit for 2 hours without stuffing your face, you've got a problem. 

I don’t like the fact people eat, talk and use their phones in the cinema and I don’t like the fact it can be too loud. So I don’t go.

Call me grandad.

PS, last year at the theatre I had to ask people behind me to be quiet when they decided that opening a massive bag of crisps and munching away was appropriate behaviour during a dramatic play. That’s completely unacceptable peasant behaviour that should result in summary execution during the interval.

I don't understand why you would go to the cinema if this annoys you. Everything streams about 2 weeks later and you can watch it at home.

Cinema is for being around other people (including their food choices)

Once I sat next to a man who peeled and ate a bagful of boiled eggs. That was bad. Like, a lot of boiled eggs. He was Chinese. I don't know if that's a standard cinema snack there.

My Ultra Short Throw sits projector unobtrusively on a low sideboard and gives me a 10, 12 foot wide picture on the other side of the room and I can eat anything I like from the kitchen. There's a home theatre experience for you.

Actually, the sound is remarkably good as well.

My local Odeon is great, hardly ever busy, I watched 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' in a 300 seat room on my tod at 11:30am one weekday. It was heavenly,

I like the cinema and don't mind the eating as I love a bucket of popcorn and a drink although I stop eating during the quiet moments.  It's the mobile phone use that really annoys me as the sudden burst of light always distracts from what's on screen.

Marshall obviously hasn't been to the theatre or any live contemporary music in a while.

Hang on, if the cinema is serving the noisy food then there’s an acceptance and encouragement that people will buy and eat it during the film.

You’re hating the player rather than the game. 

Standard boomer behaviour.

Clergs and the Chinese egg eater.  Could be the title of a film in itself.

I do sympathise with the awful experience of someone who has to sit next to a boiled egg eater though. Do you think they do it to disguise their farts?


I thought cinemas had basically become like the suicide booths from Futurama and that you were basically guaranteed to get stabbed to death if you went to one, let alone confronted some feral scrote about his eating habits.

Live and learn, I guess.