Giving up sugar

Worth it or stupid and pointless?

I bought a little dispenser of sweeteners, so sometimes now when I have a coffee or tea I’ll have that instead of sugar. I do hate myself a little bit every time though. I would feel more like a real person if I could have no sugar or half a spoon or something.

Somewhere in the middle. I've cut down a lot but find tea & coffee require, at minimum, half a spoon.

Oddly tea and coffee are the 2 things where I'm fine without sugar and think it ruins the taste 


For everything else I have a ridiculously sweet tooth 


Having fruit instead of chocolate as a snack is about as good as I can get on this tbh . And that's kind of sugar anyway albeit the natural kind so probs better for you 

I'm very conscious that it's shoved into just about everything covertly and a massive part of why I enjoy it eg any kind of cooking sauce or condiment, most breakfast options(and on the ones that don't have it eg porrodge I"ll usually add it), pretty much any drink other than tea, coffee or water (cos I find the artificially sweetened or "no added sugar " options rank)

It's really hard to avoid sugar, it's in everything.

"No added Sugar", consider the word "added" and consider if "sugar" is loosely interpreted and doesn't include fructose, glucose etc.

Go to a restaurant and have a lovely savoury meal, it's filled with sugar.

Soup, full of sugar

Ketchup... yup, more sugar.


I went sugar free a few years ago and slightly increased my physical activity, lost a lot of weight very quickly.

I am assuming you mean refined sugar not natural.

It is definitely worth it clergs; in 2 weeks you will stop craving it, in 4 you will become a sugr nazi, scutinising every label  in the supermarket and unable to eat flvoured crisps because you can detect the sugar. It is quite sobering.

However one choc bar will send you straight back, so I’m not sure how long one can keep going for, Lent is my max.

Ripe mango is about as sweet fruit as you can get, the prepared stuff from the supermarket is your friend.

Maybe Clerghs but that will be offset by the permanent p1ssed off expression on said face from being denied all that lovely delicious sugar! 

I've never given up sugar but I did cut out really start things for a while liked chocolate and biscuits. It takes about 2-3 weeks fort your body to stop craving and then when you do eat sugar it tastes disgustingly sweet and you won't like it. If you keep eating then your body adjusts and you're back to being hooked

I've always preferred savoury to sweet but have cut it out of fizzy drinks but otherwise life is too short to deny yourself the things you like.

Drinks are one area where I try to keep it out . Sugary drinks apparently the worst thing for obesity 

I just can't stand the taste of aspartame and diet drinks so try to stick to unsugared tea coffee or water as much as possible


When I do drink full fat coke now (usually only as filler for a glass of whisky) it's like wow... How tf did I used to drink a can or 2 of this every day. It feels like a drug now when it hits 

What Minks said. Although I am only doing it up until Christmas Day and then I will gorge and make myself ill no doubt. I’ve been doing it for a couple of months and even nuts are tasting sweet to me right now.

Oh and annoyingly I recently discovered that adding cream to coffee is amazing. No more cappuccino, Wiener Melange all the way!

Getting very old does not look fun anyway.

You mean added sugar, that white granular stuff?  Never miss it.  It destroys everything it gets near and makes everything have the same taste.  V boring

Did it once for about 6 months and never felt better and more energised but as someone said, one chocalate bar and you're hooked again.  it is as addictive as class As and I suspect if proper studies were ever done is probably more damaging

*puts up hand for the falls hard off the no sugar wagon train".

I srsly tried to do this a few months ago after several failed attempts in the past. What's easy for me is I don't have sugar in drinks and I don't like sauces/ don't use bought sauces etc for cooking. Every now and then I want a Diet Coke but am now used to just having sparkling water. BUT this week for various reasons (incluidng free stuff at a seminar) I had one sugary treat and then the craving hit HARD and before I knew it I was 4 treats down and had the cravings I used to get if I didn't have milk choc every day. IT really is like a drug and whilst I can happlily give up booze for months on end this is SO much harder..

Some tips that help me stay off it are - keeping dark choc in the house (bleuggh compared to the real stuff but it doesnt give you the rush but makes you think you're having something nice when you get the "I deserve a treat" thoughts, having a few dates and nuts and dark choc together - more filling, having a milky drink with a teeny bit of cocoa pwder/ drinking chocolate in it (a teeny sprinkle, not a loaded teaspoon full). 

I also read recently that your body is more susceptible to sugar cravings in the morning so if you avoid it for the first half of the day (my weakness as if I'm tired I'd give my arm for a pain au chocolat..;) ) then the battle is half done. Also not drinking a lot defo helps or if you do then avoid wine/ sugary mixers.

A loaded teaspoon?  For any hot chocolate to taste remotely chocolately it needs at least three heaped teaspoons.

If you are REALLY serious re cutting it altogether then there are also lists that should be avoided ie bananas, grapes because of the high content vs otehr fruits ie applies, pears etc.

Sugar added to tea, coffee, cereal etc. makes me shudder. Bizarre, as I am very partial to choc and sweets - if I don’t have sweet stuff for a week, I can take it or leave it. Use honey to sweeten porridge and in cooking generally. Only have raw sugar for tradies as they mostly want sugar in tea or coffee (but it is about 10yrs +).