The Galapagos for a holiday. Anyone been?

I enjoy scenic and interesting destinations, but this wouldn't be my first choice. Mrs P has got it into her head this is where she wants to go for a big holiday we have been promising ourselves for several years with our grown up kids.

Anyone been who can either change my mind or help me change Mrs P's?

Yes. Fantastic. The wildlife is amazing. Some of the best diving I’ve done but incredible above water as well. 

How well do you get on with your kids? Would you want to spend a week cramped up on a boat with them?

Kimmy if people left it alone the many millions spent carefully preserving it would disappear-  the regulations on what tourists can and cannot do are incredibly tight and respected.

Yes! Best place on earth I've visited. 

That was about a decade ago. The rules are (rightly) much tighter now.

We were unusual in spending a fortnight there. Most people in those days came in as part of a cruise for a couple of days.

absolutely do not leave it alone fgs

tourism funds the proper looking after of these places

I’ve also been to Easter Island btw and that’s also gr88 in a different way

I mean do a day tour obvs but base yourself on land. 95% of people do stay on board boat tours, which is fine for Joe Bloggs, but for a proper travellers' experience, stay on the island. 

Do do a boat tour, you see exactly the same stuff but don’t have to stay in shithole land accommodation and, environmentally speaking, you will in any event be using a boat all the time to island hop.

Prodders, do it. I recommend as they can do good private tours and not only water bound.

After it is done, take time with Mrs P in Costa Rica. Let the kids crack on. But decompress as it is mind blowing.

Don't take the dog if still shitting everywhere!

Slight contrary view.. I’ve been. It’s a very cool place but for a big blow out family  holiday with grown up children I would be tempted to pick somewhere else I think. (Unless maybe you are all keen scuba divers, the diving is apparently truly incredible if you are a capable diver).  


amazing if you are on a small boat trip and understand that you are there to see/appreciate the absolutely unique nature/wildlife

as ‘a holiday’ - not so much 

is she super excited to see Waved Albatross? if not maybe consider somewhere else? (there are also subspecies of short eared owl and vermilion flycatcher… plus Darwin’s Finches (tm) - which all look the same ...)


She’s always had a thing about the Galapagos and she has been the author of most that is good in our world. 

I would much rather go to Japan. Love nature though I do, people, customs and culture (that doesn’t include Anime) that are markedly different to our own fascinate me much more. 

We’re not divers and this ageing dog isn’t one for new tricks. 

I’ve enjoyed my visits to Japan but the Galápagos Islands were a more memorable trip. The wildlife needs to be seen to be believed. It’s not just the variety but how concentrated it all is. You’ll be trying to photograph a blue footed booby doing its dance and a sea lion will climb out of the water, an iguana will go past and a frigatebird will fly overhead. I think my record was capturing seven endemic species in one photo. It’s unreal.