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Sir Woke XR Re… 26 Mar 23 21:52
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Quite fancy getting me a bit of this action. More sensible thing for an adult to do for a living than transactional PP.

Prob simpler to go for legal tech. All you need is a sketchy grasp of what NLP is, some thick rimmed specs, an adidas zip up top and a penchant for hanging around conferences with similar bellends.

B2B. Not profitable. Been torching cash for a while and the investors have said to the founders they need to get profitable. We did what lots of other tech companies did last year and then into this year.... hired like crazy and then realised we'd gone too far and so made people redundant. 

VC are increasingly going to focus on profitability - b2b better positioned for this - B2C will struggle -> next raising rounds will involve substantial haircuts (see Klarna et al) and reality calls for many - expect major pivoting.