feedback culture

cannot stand it

anyone who asks me for feedback, I immediately loathe their employer and society for being so biddable

Agree. Feedback culture is part of a wider problem which is that many now spend more time talking about their own or others’ work and goals at the expense of doing any actual work. Connected to that is another problem which is that many of those keenest to share their valuable insights are idiots. Do you give feedback regardless if asked? 

Cinghamm nails it.

In my career, I’ve noticed a massive increase in people talking about work rather than doing it.

I also think the 360 degree feedback culture tends to encourage a back scratching culture which encourages post office style group think. 

Obviously self promotion has always gone on but it does feel as though it’s got worse. Just look at the crap on LinkedIn

Love constant feedback 

Improves low performers with targeted and accurate instant pointers 

Gives high performers the praise they deserve and keeps them motivated 

My old place started reporting on how many different people you'd given feedback to around the business each month, how much you'd got, which teams are giving the most feedback etc etc. You could barely look in the direction of a junior before they sent you a request for feedback.

One of the final straws.

High performance cultures need constant feedback

Do you think top football managers wait until a yearly review to tell a player they have down something well or poorly?

High performance cultures and high performance cultures 

So have a lot of similarities 

Law firms and football teams? A bunch of highly paid, highly trained generally younger people from diverse backgrounds with big egos and a drive to succeed 

It would work if law firms didn't just recruit from private schools so can't be considered diverse 


Oh, and every last junior nothing being conditioned to tell everyone else about how they feel about what they’ve been asked to do, from opening the door for someone - assuming any doors aren’t automatic- is going to finish this country. And rightly so.

My first manager told me if there was something wrong she’d tell me, so I shouldn’t assume something was wrong if she hadn’t.  Praise very tightly rationed but valued accordingly when it came. Spot on it was and I’ve tried to be the same. This oversharing w**k is awful, particularly in our profession 

Agree with clergham here tbf

Wtf wants to hear more of other people’s opinions? 

This entire ‘industry’ is thoroughly skewered in Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber

“This” being YWTF’s experience at 9.22am. While I am here, I also hate the phrase “high performance culture”. The only places that wang on about having one are those that do not. 

anyone leaving a review on Google (or whatever) should be sectioned immediately

What sort of wrong turns must you have taken in life to end up the sort of person who leaves online reviews? 

It goes without saying that only the stupid leave eg Google or trustpilot reviews. Went to a session with a cyber security guy a while back and the random person selected from a large company’s list of employees had his home addresses, car, child’s place of school disclosed to anyone with a mouse by his wife’s fondness for giving feedback.

I recently learnt that if you complete the end of call phone surveys on service people.. and don’t give them a 10 out of 10 they get an ass kicking and put on  review. Even a 9/10 is not good enough 

Friend of mine works in corporate travel bookings and is on same performance arrangements

I think a lot of it is just designed to create an artificial environment for  Karens to have a feeling of entitlement and control. 

"Based on your boarding experience today using the overhead lockers on your flight from fookknuckle Airport, on a scale of one to ten, how likely are you to recommend Bumfukhistan Airways to a friend or colleague?"


Oh fook the fook off.