Elizabeth line now it is fully operational

Was it worth it?


Probably not, but I like it.

do you use the outer ends of it? it's fine if you only want to go Paddington to Liverpool St but the outer edges are ALWAYS FCKED

unusually for London transport it evidently operates at significant under capacity even in rush hour.  To be honest I am surprised they have gone ahead with the max frequency of 24 trains an hour through the centre.

depends what "Capacity" means. If you're going all the way from eg Abbey WOod or Reading to the centre, capacity means most ppl getting a seat - it's a long trip to strap hang and be booted aroudn by people with brompton bikes and bloody rucksacks. For the central 10 min hop - yy, well under capacity.

I think it is a fabulous piece of engineering and seems to work. Unfortunately that won't stop the professional complainers in this country having a go at something or other.

Seemed to be annoyingly few trains from Heathrow through to east London when I looked at it. Not enough to make it quicker than getting a cab. 

Donny surely all you have to do is hop off in a central section station and wait for an average of about 1.5 minutes for a train going to east london?

That may well be right to be fair Guy. The one time I seriously thought about using it I got as far as realising there wasn't another train going to Liverpool street for 30 mins and jumped in a cab. 

Not enough to make it quicker than getting a cab. 

If the price differential means nothing to you, then CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE. smiley 

In the western section it also  operates as a semi-fast suburban line from Maidenhead inwards into Paddington, and effectively replaced a whole load of GWR surburban services.

For a family of 4 it's cheaper to take a mini cab once you factor in needing a mini cab from the station to home. Sorry, but the bus with two kids and 3 suitcases ain't happening. 

Agree with Chambers that in engineering terms it quite superb, and is an architectural triumph to probably eclipse the Jubilee line into docklands.

will be interesting to see if Heathrow Express will be forced to reduce prices - it obviously has a time advantage taking only 15 mins but you have to walk across paddington to get it - if coming from east of paddington probably easier to get on an elizabeth line train and far cheaper.

I dont think the stations are as architecturally as impressive as some of the jubilee stations.  In particular I consider Westminster to be an absolute work of art.

Heathrow express was always weirdly expensive. It must have been built with private money or something I guess on the basis it would compete with the cab ride. I am sure they will have to drop prices. 

Gatwick express also weirdly expensive for those not savvy enough to get a standard train running on same line...

Heathrow trains every 10-15 minutes now make it comfortably the easiest way to get to the airport from central london - express is quicker Paddington - LHR but not having to change makes elizabeth line better, for me at least, as well as £15-20 cheaper

I did heathrow-home door to door in under an hour using the elizabeth line 2 weeks ago

The Heathrow Express has always been odd as Paddington is a pain to get to from most parts of London.  Years ago when I worked by London Bridge the work travel people booked us on the Heathrow Express even though it was faster and cheaper to just go Jubilee Line and then Piccadilly.

It cost much, much less than NHS test and trace.

I like the respect the Jubilee architecture is getting on this thread. Whenever I change at Westminster, it always feels like I am in the alien bit of Total Recall (Schwarzenegger not Farrell version).

Sorry but it’s overrated.

1. The outer edges were ready served by mainline services

2. The central section doesn’t improve connectivity that much - there was already a direct connection between Paddington and Liverpool St

3. The platforms are too far apart from other lines; interchanges take too long.

4. The only section worth its salt is from Liverpool St to Canary Wharf and beyond. 

It's not just about connectivity, baZzzzzza, it's also about capacity 

As above, it's rarely super busy so seems to be adding a lot of capacity. Job done

They should do the north south one now 

Then another 

Then another 

I never thought I’d forgive them demolishing the Astoria, but I’m a big fan of the Soho station so, swings and roundabouts.

Have we confirmed that it has been mainly paid for by londoners?  More specifically by strutter.  If so, I shall enjoy it a lot more.

Indirectly partly by Londoners. A decent chunk paid by Central Govt, and then a precept was stuck on business rates within the capital for a large number of years.

Some money put in by property developers of sites above the stations and nearby.  Eg. Berkeley group at Woolwich. The City and Heathrow also chipped in.


Of course they way these things should be paid for is as a tax in property value premium added to paid on sale