Eddie Jones
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Look mate I was brought in to to a job and we haven’t done that job but that’s my fault and I take responsibility and it’s up to the powers that be to work out what’s next 

heh! i love how even when the ozzie kicker put a penalty out in the dead ball area, or when the welsh scored off a simple chip, or when u could hear the crowd booing

his facial expression remains totally unchanged

Na sorry Marshall i was spending family time 

Now having a dump so I'll engage with another set of turds 

Aussies were bad. Wales were good. Not sure there is much else to say 


For someone who has been so comprehensively pwned on this subject Davos, you need to show a tad more humility.

Your hero being loudly booed and mocked by 50,000 Welsh and Aussie fans was just peachy, non?

My hero????

Oh do bore off 

I'll admit I didn't like your racism towards him and I enjoyed the various successes he brought England

Couldn't really care less about what Australia do

Jones wad a busted flush when he took on England with tactics that don’t match the rules - the game moves on but he was inflexible and stubborn.  Yes England and Australia are not the best sides in the world but their depth / pool of talent is better than their showing.  

of course we are all armchair fans.  I played to a high level but retired 16 years ago so I guess I know as little as anyone else - but 60000 booing him seemed to have his number 

Not sure I agree 

His England record is his England record 

His prediction of the hybrid player looks like it is coming true 

The media doesn't like him, with some justification, and it's a results game 

He seems like he would be happier in Japan but Aussie players were the ones that crumbled under the slightest pressure