Does modern technology still amaze you?

I’m sitting on a train to London and on my phone I can see who is outside my house in Spain.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop being wowed by this sort of thing.

But on the other hand left my bag with my laptop in in a cab on Friday night so now totally useless until I get a replacement from IT.  At least in the days of desktops I’d still have been able to log on.

Yes you need back up. IT can put cloud desktop on another laptop or computer immediately(depending on software) for you. 

I'm quite glad I grew up in a time before computers were in daily use, because it makes me appreciate just how amazing and life-changing it is to have them.  So much science fiction came true in my lifetime. 

use of "still" is a bit odd in the context of modern technology, but aside from my being a dÍck about the phrasing, mobile phones and easy access to gentlemen's interests are the only things that have benefitted my life to any significant degree in the last 30 years.

satnav and maps are pretty sweet too.

all the rest of the shít is a bit too much.  doubt I'll ever be organised enough to keep electronic photos safe enough for prosperity before I lose the hard drive/forget passwords etc.  

never got in with facebook an that but unfortunately considering signing up just cos every cünt now has a facebook page instead of a website.  

I meant “still” in the context of technology that has been around a few years now. 

Satnav I’m particular and that’s at least 20 years old.

I remember very early in my internet hobbying I watched live feeds from traffic cameras on the West Coast of the US. That was truly mind boggling.

My most recent experience of this nature was when I went to a local event and after a very long walk from the car park I began to suspect I hadn't locked my car. 

No worries, I whipped out the ol' mobile logged on the mfr's app and locked it remotely!

what camera brand do you use for your front door pboner?

I am still wowed by the ability to bring up almost any music in an instant from the likes of spotify and then to play it at high sound quality on a not especially expensive speaker


music streaming is probably the thing that amazes me most still, from an adolescence of saving up weeks to buy a single album to carrying a juke box in my pocket containing virtually every song you could ever want to listen to - still find it incredible.