Do you think people in London lost the ability to move about efficiently in busy places

During The Pandemic TM?

Like, they can't handle keeping to one side of a subway tunnel or navigating a crowd on a bridge. 

I think this is why the busyness feels more stressful than it used to. The crowds are dumber.

Gormless suits are those occasional visitors from the Birmingham and Scots offices. We don't suit anymore, especially not gormless ones.  Heh at ZaraMarryDress, is that similar to the "seated on tube, Michael Kors (badge-side out) on my lap" woman?  That large metal MK medallion always reminds me of my mum's Kenwood foodmixer. 

Quintessential zara woman is actually c.37 or so but her age doesn't really matter because she's wasting her life on 1.5 hour one way commutes in giant hot tin tubes between a solitary box and a communal box and then back again.