Dirty Leeds


Hopefully it will be at least another 16 yrs 

So much to lol at today. 

Arsenlol putting in a performance after they'd bottled it weeks ago. Double lol @ their presumptuous shirt design for next season and the pretend excuse they made for it. 

LOLLERPOOL! Always worth a lol. They really thought they were back 2 weeks ago. Conceded 4 to the bottom side.

Leeheeheeds. We all hate Leeds scum. 

Citheh losing is always a lol. 

Brilliant day of football

This is why I want no financial cheats and oil clubs in football - create more competition and more days/moments like that

That's football 

Real clubs with real working class fans battling it out for survival. The roar at Goodison when that banger went in is usually only heard at old Trafford and anfield - pure class - never get anything like that at soulless oil clubs with tourists just sitting there on Snapchat

Well done to Manchester United for winning the trophy, fantastic. A brilliant season 

Heh the roar when DDG saved a pen in a dead rubber was louder than than the roar when Everton scored to stay up 

And both of those far louder than anything seen at the tourist emptihad this season 

Fans must still be at maine road