Current Man City team - arguably the best team ever assembled

As a neutral it behoves one to to marvel at the artistry on display, hmm, wasn’t it?

Agreed. And with a net spend in the last 5 years less than Man U, Chelsea, arsenal, spuds, villa etc.

Amazing really.

Utd 2008 with Wazza, Tevez and CR7 up front was boss. Carrick, Scholes, Giggs, Vidic, Rio, Hargreaves, Evra etc.

Hard to ignore the RM team that won the CL three years running:

Navas, Caravajal, Ramos, Marcelo, Casemiro, Modric, Kroos, Bale, Benzema, Ronaldo, Isco, Asensio, Varane.

Most expensive team ever created (beating the cheats other records held on several other occasions), the highest ever watch bill, the most charges ever brought against a club, the most convictions against a premier League club, a racist manager caught cheating several times - all the in what others clubs have done entirely organically 

That's before you mention the terrible crowd, the sportswashing, human rights abuses, playacting on the pitch and driving out of working classes from both the area and the stadium 

Call me old fashioned, but it's not for me

The only thing that can said with any accuracy is even with this season's treble, this cheats team has woefully underperformed 

Hard to ignore the RM team that won the CL three years running:

Navas, Caravajal, Ramos, Marcelo, Casemiro, Modric, Kroos, Bale, Benzema, Ronaldo, Isco, Asensio, Varane.


Yep they won La Liga once during that time. Best team I have seen is Barc 09-11. 

Real's '02/03, original galacticos, with Figo, Zidane, Carlos, Ronaldo, Guti, Raul, etc were fun to watch.

Don't disagree nextstop although I'd say La Liga is only hard to win if you're not RM or Barca...

Galacticos were epic.  We were spoiled in that era.

Interestingly this 'argument' only arises because the cheats smacked a Madrid team that can't even win la Liga and is woefully under funded 

La Liga winners well beaten by the real Manchester club FAOD 

So good to get some context 

I don't think this cheats team is any better than the one mason mount cucked in the UCL a few years back 

I guess one could argue anything though. Like the world being flat.

Point of order: the team has not been ‘assembled’. That suggests simply buying expensive players annd paying them extreme wages and hoping it all comes together. 

ManU assemble a team. Chelsea assemble a team. 

Cheats fans used to sing 'we want our club back' 

Not sure they meant back in league one 

Ps assembling turncucks for billions whilst proper teams build around home grown heroes like Rashford 

Peak Barcelona were dull as fvck to watch.

The "best" club teams ever in no order using 50:50 weight ability:aesthetic are:

  • Current Man City
  • Arsenal invincibles
  • Heynckes Bayern Munich



Arsenal invincibles


Best team of diving cheats to snatch yet another draw in living memory. They don't belong anywhere near this discussion. 

They printed a load of 50 not out shirts back then before their humbling by Rooney and co then repeated that feat by printing a load of champions 23 shirts a couple of months ago. 

Arsenal fans are the biggest mugs going. 

No-one mentioning the glorious canaries of ‘93 featuring such fabulous players as Gunn, Bowen, Butterworth, Goss, Sutton etc? Surely in with a shout?

Beyond the individual brilliance of Scholes and Rooney, I found peak Man U pretty dull as well.  They were 90% Fergie grinding relentlessness.

Beyond the individual brilliance of Scholes and Rooney

the genius of Giggs, the precocious talent turning into world class of CR7, the Rio / Vidic perfect compliment, the relentless attacking ethos were all terrible obviously.

If you're adjusting for fitness / sports science over time then the 68 team with Stiles, Best, Kidd, Charlton, Law, Crerand etc was the best apparently. I was nowhere near alive to see them of course.

Here is an interesting stat

Money spent to win first Champions League since Premier League started…

ManUtd 1992 to 1999 - €92m

Liverpool 1992 to 2004 - €302m

Chelsea 1992 to 2011 - €1.4b

Arsenal 1992 to N/A - €1.7b

Tottenham 1992 to N/A - €1.7b

ManCity 1992 to N/A - €2.5b

Shocking stuff 

Would have been far cheaper and quicker to win a UCL the United way - local home grown players, fantastic managers, devoted and large fan base, beautiful football and heart stopping entertainment 

Some more interesting stats, this time about the 99 treble winning team

33 games unbeaten and lost 3 all season

played Barcelona twice, Bayern 3 times, inter Milan twice, juventus twice

beat Liverpool, Chelsea, arsenal and Newcastle on the way to winning the FA cup

Recency bias is a hell of a drug

win a UCL the United way - local home grown players, 




(allowing for Rooney and Cristiano being largely "homegrown")


On a sidenote, can anyone explain to me at what makes Grealish good? 

I'm not disagreeing with the assessment of many top defenders who openly hate having to play him.  But what is it that he does? Is it movement, harassing the defenders, vision?  What?  On football skills alone I struggle to see it.

General curiosity, not intended to trigger!

He's becoming a very complete player, one of the first on the City teamsheet since the WC,  which is no mean feat in itself. Seems to be able to carry out Pep's instructions to a tee now.

For me, at least, he's better defensively & more of a physical presence than Foden, can beat a man both going inside/outside, delivers off both sides very well. Can score & assist, is in now seemingly in tune with the other front players (KDB/Haaland). He's looking a very good buy, even at £100m.

I'm a bigger fan of Foden but can see the argument about physicality. 

Not sure about "complete".  I'd agree he does everything well, but nothing exceptionally well, other than maybe adding some energy/chaos into the mix.  He's also not a traditional "Pep" player which probably throws me a little.  

Deserves his place in the team, unquestionably.