COVID-19 Inquiry rules against Cab Office arguments on relevancy

The chances of this inquiry finding that we should have been a lot more like Sweden are precisely nil.

Well quite, given what a disaster that would have been.

Wonder what's in Bojo's diaries he doesn't want seen?  just how many parties did he attend?

I suspect one of the things that will come out is the hyper-casual basis of governmental decision making and the childish nature of their whatsapp banter

if it leads to a more business like approach that would be a good thing

Bravo. Let no opportunity to kick Fat Alex’s arse - and the rest of him - as far down the hole of humiliation and preferably chokey as possible be lost. He’s a lying c unt faod.

Haven’t been following closely but my understanding is the CO have said two things:

  • none of the WhatsApp stuff being requested is in any way relevant to the enquiry
  • they don’t have any of the WhatsApp stuff being requested.

If the second point is correct, how can they be sure of the first point? Did they have it previously but then give it back? If so, how can they be completely sure that they didn’t miss something of relevance?

whatever the outcome, the CO/government will lose. Either they hand it over with extreme reluctance (they lose) or they don’t and the enquiry is forever tainted in the public view that they hushed stuff up.

Too late now but they would have done better to comply immediately.

Anyone seen the hilarious recent development from Blozza?

Only gone announced that he gave all of it to the CO unredacted and they should provide it to the Inquiry immediately...

So we as taxpayers have to fund the government’s legal action to prevent disclosure of info to an inquiry the government itself established.

Remind me who they work for?

This is bizarre . Having agreed , and it was reported the Cabinet Office had received all of BJs whats app messages, diaries , and notes, the government are to now JR the Inquiries order. I don't get it.

What are they hiding? I suspect those Whats app messages are dynamite and senior heads will roll. By Rishi.

Clearly lots to hide here - the only conclusion anyone will draw whatever the outcome of JR.

Going to court to hamper the enquires of a body the government itself set up - pathetic, the government sinks every further into the sewer.   Who will be paying for this I wonder?   I have a good idea.

I am at a loss atm as to why the inquiry is ordering these levels of disclosure i.e an. individuals  WhatsApp messages.  

Why? Seems perfectly obvious to me that the covid inquiry has an interest in governmental communications and it seems that the government habitually communicates via WhatsApp