coolest cricket player ever

sir Vivian Isaac Richards 

Based on coolest specifically, rather than best or favourite, Chris Gayle is the coolest I have seen IRL. I loved watching him hit the ball over the stands, while looking like he wasn't really that bothered.

Chris Gayle is a good shout as a cricketer, but a risky one as a human. I reckon there are some stories to come out about his behaviour at some point in the future. 

If you discount sleezy men from lists of top anything in elite sport, you're left with a sparse field. 

I love Sir Viv and only last week had a photo taken with his statue (bowling at it, sadly I am uncool) but he's a shade before my era really, I didn't see him play live.

Per John Arlott: "Charles Fry could be autocratic, angry and self-willed: he was also magnanimous, extravagant, generous, elegant, brilliant – and fun ... he was probably the most variously gifted Englishman of any age."

He played football for England too and was a great all round athlete.

A brilliant track and field athlete, C.B. equalled the world long jump record with a jump of 23’ 6½” (7.17m) in 1893. With little formal training in the discipline itself, it is said that he prepared for the event by smoking a cigar. On completing his record equalling jump, he apparently returned to the changing room to finish his smoke.

How  cool was that?

Also got a First in Classics from Oxford.

Dennis Compton. Rocking up in dj from night before.

Honourable mention for David Gower for utterly not getting with the programme and continuing the cause of languid back-foot play (and unfortunately bijoux innings too)