The Conservatives ARE the party of the NHS
Anonymous (not verified) 04 Oct 19 11:47
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40 new hospitals

20 new hospital upgrades.

£13bn to be invested now

An extra  £34bn a year to be spent every year by 2023

These are the largest sums ever invested in the NHS and the biggest hospital building programme in a generation.


The Conservatives ARE the party of the NHS

tories have been in power for vastly more of the NHS's life than the labour party.  the scale and scope of the nhs is vastly more than originally conceived and the envy of the world.  got to be down to the conservative party, surely.


Mr Barclay said: "We're being honest in saying there will be difficulties on some of the schemes. with presenting a factual basis for the reckless lies that Boris told. There's often local factors that need to be worked through like land acquisitions, service redesign… which make it challenging to complete those by 2030."

fixed that for him