The commute today

This must be what commuting was like in the 50s.

no Train Guys, no pushy Apprentice candidate types with 90s girl band make up on, no speccy IT guys unpacking their triathlon gear

just a nice, peaceful journey in with sensible people and lots of space.

now for empty office Friday. Love it

Very pleasant stroll to the garden office.

And commuting in the ‘50’s was not that pleasurable, as trains would be full of smokers, and wearing a 3 piece suit in summer without air conditioning could be pretty sticky.

apro pros of which  I watching some old time football from the 60s last night, the older players (presumably in their 30s) looked like they were in their 50s with bald heads and gnarled faces - presume this was the impact of everybody smoking 30 woodbines a day.

Bit before my time, but I have been on many an old BR rolling stock from the ‘50’s on heritage lines.

Compared to the spartan  upholstery in modern carriages they were immensely more comfortable.

One of my first memories is when I was about 2, of standing on a train platform holding a carton of Ki-ora, with my parents when we were going on holiday to the South Coast.

The incoming steam train pulled in and I was engulfed in a cloud of steam coming from the pistons by the huge wheels. Terrifying, but thrilling…

Marshall, it seems to be an iron rule of train travel, at least in this country, that each iteration of long distance train becomes less comfortable.  The old intercity carriages dating from the 70s were extremely comfortable compared to hard mostly airline style seating of today.