Claim against Gwyneth fails

It’s pretty clear that the reason for this is that the jury did not take the claimant seriously.

“He is claiming $300,000”, they will have said to themselves, “This is America. We sue McDonald’s for $495,000,000,000,000 if our chicken nuggets are cold. This chap therefore cannot be serious or have faith in his claim. It is clearly a try on.”

and so it came to be that he lost. 

Causation does not imply correlation issue. Chancer, eh. I think Gwinnie comported herself excellently. Despite her health loon shit, I’m still a fan. 

Rof Royalty

Didn't he start at £3.5m


Still not REAL money in American legal terms. Dude should have showed some front, established that we was a playa. 

Given the poor performance of her lawyers, it was pretty clear she was going to win regardless of what happened at the trial.

Privilege in action.

He can no longer tell the difference between Pinot Noir and Cab Sauv at his wine tastings, BUT she missed half a day of skiing.

In many ways they are both victims of this tragic accident.

What a farrago. 

Never skied m'self, but I would have thought collisions on the slopes are reasonably unremarkable.

Benj they are generally but most collisions don't involve someone who's publicly known to be rather well off.

Lovely mental image of that scene from jurassic park when the raptor hatches, and it poking its head out of Gwinnie's candle scented tuppence.

Thanks ROR.