The circle of life. 5 or so months ago I was lying under the dining room table with my dying dog

Tonight I’m lying here with an adorable 10 week old puppy. 
Audere eat facere.

I’ve only had one dog. Not sure how I will cope when he goes over the rainbow bridge. It would somehow feel disloyal to get another, though the house will feel horrible empty without him.

I remember a month in my adolescence where the first half was all about our old dog who we'd had since I was 6 dying and the second was all about the wonderful new dog (who in retrospect we got far too soon. She ended up spoiled...) 

Overall it ended up as a close to average month 

Now I'm older I appreciate more just how short a dog's life really is... Seemed like forever then 

So glad you and Mrs P have someone new to focus your love on. Will be interested to see if your new pup takes to agility challenges or is as distracted by Dad as Willow was.

Heh for Guy. 

Can’t start agility until she’s about 18 months old Jim. You can be reasonably sure that any problems when the time comes will be my fault.

The rainbow bridge is a well known term for pet owners I thought. They go over the rainbow bridge to wait for you.

And that enough of that talk. Im not crying, you’re crying.