Christmas things you've never done
  • Snogged under mistletoe 
  • Eaten Xmas Pudding (tasted it, didn't like it)
  • Cooked a full turkey (did a crown one year, noone wanted it)
  • Had advocaat

"Octoman - did you not come wassaiing with us once? For shame. "


One of the scenes they had to delete from A Clockwork Orange. 


Never had eggnog. No smoked salmon for breakfast. Never tried bread sauce. Never watched a Doctor Who Christmas special. 

I dont think i have ever even been anywhere where there has been eggnog.  Isnt it some sort of american thing?

No xmas pudding or cake or bread sauce.  The latter looks so gross.

I dont know what wassailing is.

Never watched the queen/king

I've made my own egg nog which was awesome, but advocaat is blergh. Bread sauce is also blergh

Also not done the elf or fancy advant calendar as per dusty. I have had a beer advent calendar before some years ago but would not call it fancy.

Jelly, I have googled it for you:

"The purpose is to encourage the spirits into ensuring a good harvest the following season. It takes place on the twelfth night after Christmas and involves a visit to a nearby orchard for singing, dancing, drinking and general merrymaking."

So it seems, in conclusion, that 3-Ducks is a fan of yuletide dogging

Never been to Lapland or had any desire to 

Never dressed up in best clothes for Christmas dinner (how is that practical and comfortable?) 

Never made mince pies 

Never bought christmas jumpers, christmas bedding or festive cushions 





MissorMs I'm with you on not dressing up. Probably be in jeans and a top for christmas dinner. 

I would like to go to lapland tho. Get some snowmobiling in

Midnight Mass. Mrs Donny threatens to make us go every single year when we are in London but then, in the end even she can't be ar8ed to leave the house in the cold and rain to go when the time actually comes. 

My dad once made me use lard for the mince pies pastry instead of butter, because we were having a guest who was lactose intolerant. They were fooking vile and almost all of them ended up in the bin. Made some mince meat a couple of weeks ago, with suet and brandy. That’s going to make some fine pies.

Where I grew up the midnight service was just a brief interlude in the Christmas Eve pub session that helped people sober up a bit before commencing the lock in.  Sadly the pub and Church are under new management and such things no longer happen.

had some fancy arsed "christmas breakfast" smoked salmon champagne etc that people talk about - christmas eating is all about the lunch and then left overs through the rest of the day.

Church 9am while non-believers prepare champagne and smoked salmon. Watch people work on roast bird etc. and assist with carrots. Play with toys. Placate children. Put a film on. Try out the new bottle of scotch in new cashmere socks.  A medjool date with some blue cheese on. 

Christmas eating is far better if you eat in the evening and just enjoy a light lunch of smoked salmon and prawns and the like.

Christmas outfit is, as ever, man united Christmas top and Adidas shorts

Comfy slippers (in case I drop something hot) 

Loads of times but I just disnt bither to look it up.

On the subject of the Pratch:

Did u know: william de word of ankh MP fame is named for caxton's fleet street apprentice wynkyn de worde