Calling ROF Baldies

I'm 35 and I see the early indications of a receding hairline. 


This has made me sad as I suspect I have an alien shaped dome head. 


Does the sadness of being a baldy decrease over time or is it does remain painful? 

dunno really as i was never that sad about it

but then i was never 2 vain about my hair when it was there

saves on the cost of haircuts and also shows how manly u r. so many positives

also i get the impression women don’t care nearly as much as men who r starting 2 go bald and like their hair think women care. some women seem particularly keen on bald men

Booked in for a barbering later and it's £34 now. 

I love watching movies from the 2000s and you see some proper ropey hair implants. 


Are the Turkish planters better nowadays?

If it’s reassurance you want then I went full shave as soon as the hairline recession hit high forehead  in late 20s and never regretted it

 it’s true there is always going to be a percentage of women that care about “coverage” but I have found that number to be very small and frankly so what , there were many more that rated my charm and ability to make them laugh ( I munt hard so had to work with what I had) 

People who give a shoite about it just aren’t for you, embrace that and move on to the many others who don’t care about hair

Booked in for a barbering?  Never heard the like.  Metrosexuality gone mad!

I have been expecting to wake up with am egg in the nest from the age of about 18 (on the basis of the maternal grandfather thing), so every day the sun roof is covered is a bonus.

If it goes, it all goes.  My scalp is littered with scars so i will look a bit like a perimortal anakin skywalker.

Ps, 35 if quite a good innings, not early

Wot wang said about ‘booked in for a barbering’

That’s a hairdresser if you make an appointment 

A barber’s you walk in and you walk out with change from a 20

I was never sad about it - what’s the point? I haven’t paid for a haircut cut since the 90s: first I got my own clippers, then wet shaved it for a long time, now I have one of those electric head shavers.

Medical therapy has come a long way, you can do online assessments and get mailed 1mg oral finasteride and 2.5mg oral minoxidil which will have a very large impact on keeping your hair and growing it back (respectively).

Hair transplants FUE technique are much better these days, but obviously there are plenty of dodgy places that do terrible jobs both in Turkey and the UK/USA. Do research and pick a clinic with a great reputation if you go this route. Would take at least 2 weeks to recover before going back to office if I went this route.


But is it better to bald or grey?

Mate of mine has gone for the implants and certainly looks better than he did but it's still pretty thin.  It doesn't magically give you a full head of hair again.

I would dismiss anyone with implants as a total penis.  Just embrace it.  Nobody is convinced by them, they're always obvious and it just screams at insecurity and vanity.

I first noticed it in the bathroom of the Eurostar, as they have those angled mirrors, when I was 35. Then between about 40 and 42 I started shedding very rapidly. I think it's stopped now. Up to now I've gone for the combover but a some point I may have to go full skinhead as everyone does nowadays. 

The sadness goes away. 

I started noticing my hairline receding at 17 so I've got some experience on this. Was self clipping at 25 and never looked back. I probably should have embraced it earlier but I always enjoyed my hair when I had it, even though I never spent too much time on it. 


But a few months ago I was in a meeting full of men with carefully coiffured hair and felt very comforted by how much spare time I must have to arse about in the morning instead of mucking around with my hair.