Business ideas you didn’t action

Does everyone have one of these? Why didn’t you explore it and does it haunt you (I.e because it has since been put into action by someone else)?

slightly yes 

I’d done wireframes and a draft business plan but then got offered a job doing some dull well paid shit

the proposed product was pretty much exactly what wyscout is

Eeezy Burn Flags.  At the height of of Iraq and Afghanistan my flatmate and I considered making petrol impregnated super flammable union jacks and US flags for sale in the Middle East.  We thought it was only a short term opportunity but turns out we'd have been able to keep it going for 25 years.

An app showing the map of England where you could find the nearest pub that would be showing live sport in any location. Still think this would be well supported by the stag and hen communities.

I thought you might be able to monetize it by charging the pubs a small fee to create their own page to provide some more details and/or list offers on at the pub.

I tried a proximity dating app and it was a stalkers dream as it would tell you where you were close to someone and how often.  I could tell you the ladies on my road who walked past my house everyday on their way to the station.

AR, that’s Fanzo, and it’s been up and running a while but the problem is the pubs don’t update it. I also thought of an app for beer heads saying who in your neighbourhood is serving what today, don’t know if that exists - would have the same issue probably ie lazy bar staff

Sorry to interrupt the bantz but my younger brother back in 2015 talked about having a legal document signing programme/platform where the parties didn’t have to all be in the same room to sign (this was after hearing me complain about coordinating people’s timetables when wet ink signing was still the thing). I dismissed his idea by saying something along the lines of oh no, the legal industry hates change and they hate tech or something like that. Come 2020 and the rest as they say is history.

Anyway, sorry bro.

I thought it might be a good idea to develop an app for people with electric car chargers.

They could input their bank and tariff details, and when friends came to stay they could use the charger at nil cost with payments being made directly to the energy provider for the exact cost of the elecrtricity used.

You could also use the GPS functionality to offer up the charging point for a profit, with visibility of premium being charged to stranger for use of it.  

Would also open up access to more charging points for users generally.

(Someone has already done it)

I came back from the States in the early 80s with a head full of ideas to get into tech shares in the UK given what had happened in the US whilst there. Then I met my new girlfriend, now my wife, and got distracted.