Boob staring habits

A chap I know is either not someone who perves or is extremely discreet. Recently however he appears to have become transfixed by my chest.

I am used to boob starers, and used to non boob starers, but not used to someone changing category so abruptly and persistently. 

I find this disconcerting.



Which do you prefer, assuming equal attractiveness in the starer/non starer?

So long as they are relatively quick and are capable of meeting my gaze, and not intending to be intimidating/disrespectful, I don't really care.  I check out people all the time.

@MH, clothes.

Orwell surely the one you find most amusing is the chap who notices your hugemongous babs through instinct of happenstance and then realises it's not the done thing to be openly staring at them and then spends the rest of the tube journey trying desperately to concentrate on his very highbrow book on quantum physics but clearly unable to as his lizard brain seeks to wrench control back from the woke cortex to the point where his neck muscles are straining like a mid 70s arnold swarzenegger.*

*this perhaps happened to me on the train today.**

**i was exhausted by the time i got to waterloo***

***#is it ok to waste all six of your 6u's on one target?

Maybe he is a bit stressed/distracted/tired.  Lizard brain can sometimes take over when that happens as it's just too much energy to try to consciously remember to look elsewhere...


The answer may not be adding bromide to his tea. Given men are normally very predictable creatures of habit on this front, the obvious conclusion is that it’s something different you’re doing which is triggering this.

It could also be something left-field. I remember a possibly apocryphal story about a man who bought a necklace for his wife, only for it to be stolen from his office desk the same day. The following week a senior colleague is wearing an identical necklace, and she misinterprets his molar-grinding staring at her décolletage.

However, Occam’s razor states that the simplest explanation is normally true. So the sun has come out, and lizard brain has emerged from hibernation. 


I'd guess he's going through a breakup.

the obvious conclusion is that it’s something different you’re doing which is triggering this.

This is not an ok opinion in 2023, women and their wicked ways leading men to be pervy -this comment belongs in a different century.

To be clear, I'm not offended as he's not apparently intending to be intimidating etc. I'm just disconcerted about the change in MO. I perve on people too (hopefully discreetly).

Helpful insights here. Thx

I remember my mate's missus (some months on from when I first met her) saying that when I first met her I was staring at her b00bs.

I assured her that I didn't think that was likely the case as I'm very much an ass man. Give me a pair of nice yoga pants over a low cut top every day of the week.

I was actually quite disappointed that she thought I'd do that so maybe your chap isn't consciously a boob looker

As an aside I think quite a lot of women assume blokes are looking at their boobs if the bloke doesn't hold eye contact. But quite a lot of people just don't like holding eye contact and so look down. 

Snowfox - sorry but of course it is an 'OK' opinion you lunatic. It's not implying the woman is doing anything wrong but (and I am not saying Orwell is or would do this) it would be just plain daft to say 'oh I wonder why my colleague is looking at my boobs more' on the internet without mentioning you had changed your office attire from baggy sweaters to wonder bra and shirt with three buttons open at the top.... 

I once actually expressly asked a lady for permission to stare at her boobs. It was granted.

Orwell; sorry for not replying yet to your Linkedin - will do so shortly - been absolutely workjammed!

*although you come across as such a dour bore on here I’d be suprised

Thank fvck. Imagine how terrible your life would be to be held in esteem by Hotnow? *shudders*

Donny I think lunatic is a bit strong, I accept your clarification. It read to me like the original comment was that a man staring at boobs is because she must have caused this behaviour. 

In my experience some men stare at all boobs, some men make eye contact. It's not typically related to what I'm wearing. That might be different if I regularly wore low cut clothes, but I don't usually.

Someone who doesn't come across as being a rather hard core dominatrix...

Law I'm entirely happy with my own company so I'm going to be picky as I'm only changing the lifestyle I enjoy for someone who really can persuade me there's a better alternative to what I have.

Presumably her personality changes when she picks up the whip (or in Sailo's case the cat o'nine tails)?  

Deffo R2 - or should that be Ep 2 - Rum, Sodomy and the Lash?