Bike locks and angle grinders

Can anyone recommend a bike lock that can't be destroyed in one minute with a portable angle grinder?

The London Bike Lock from The London Bike Lock Company, 1 London Street, London. No website and collection only.

I tried the London Bike Lock company and they told me to fúck off. 



Angle grinders seem to be a bit prevalent round here. The recommedation of a decent bike lock would also be appreciated. 

The two I've seen heavily advertised are the litelok and hiplok (both in Ami's link) but both pretty expensive so prob only worth it for high end bike or e-bike. Even then you need to think about what it's locked to (those hollow steel bike racks don't look like they would last long). Important to make sure it's double locking too so they need to cut through both sides.

Just buy a bike that isn't really worth pinching ffs! You are (I assume) commuting to the office not chasing a yellow jersey. 

It's my son's bike. Quite a few of his mates have had their bikes stolen. I've gone with the Litelok X1. Thanks. 


(I've got a 13 year old Norco.)

when I was a kid growing up in Limerick, there was a local "character" called Willie Three Toes (he lost 3 toes testing a home made landmine he intended planting to prevent the Russians invading his home...).  He would cycle into town wrapped in chains which he would the unwrap and cocoon his bike on to railings (I mean, more chains than bike)... as far as I know, his bike was never stolen

what if they avoid the lock. Unbolt or angle grind the rest and throw the bits in a van. Repeat several times then rebuild them all later. Check for any hidden tracers.

LOL. You can't really make an angle grinder proof bike lock as AmiTheSucker points out.

Best thing you can do is vote labour to reduce poverty in your area.

I'm just trying to make the other bikes look easier to steal. Else I may as well throw the money out the window. 

Had a Labour MP for decades... 



Check for any hidden tracers.

They don't even check for hidden tracers when they steal a Range Rover FFS. 

they do check for trackers with the Range Rover.  They park the stolen car up somewhere and wait for 24 hours.  If it's still there when they check, they proceed to Tilbury Docks where it is sent off to its next home.

They also need bolt cropper resistance, which isn't necessarily well correlated with angle grinder resistance.

I just got a commuter bike that's looks so old and battered that no one would want to steal it anyway - rides well enough, tho'