Biggest PL fraud

Has to be Havertz these days

Sancho all day, Rashford seems to have reverted to type too after a extended run of good form.

Antony tries, but I think is just crap rather than outright fraudulent. 

CL winning goal to his name too, tbf.

he got lucky with that goal 

His first touch was abysmal but he got a flukey rebound off the keeper which set it up nicely for him

Onana's start to his united career has me worrying.

If we wanted to sign someone who is a great passer of the ball but cannot save, we should have signed Marco Verratti and played him in goal… 

Biggest ever FFP fine for the cheats previous convictions 

Don't worry Chinorder, I know you supported Chelsea then 

But there we have it. Instead of focusing on one player and what they have or haven't done (including man citeh's long lost of flops) we should focus on clubs actively and wilfully trying to defraud the sport 

Ultimately it's working class Manchester lads like me that miss out, not Esher glory hunters like citeh fans (the Chelsea fans of yesterday)

Richarlison and a second vote for Phillips.

I like Havertz in the same way I like Nick Jackson - you can tell they are both good, but doing terribly for their team.  Felt the same way about Forlan years ago.  Maybe just need to find the right managers.