best live album...

currently listening to emmylou harris and the nash ramblers at the ryman 

it’s deffo up there

Hard Rain is much better than Flood (which is knackered Band and Bob flogging themselves on an arena tour)

Bertha had the correct and only answer to this question.


Thin Lizzy - Live & Dangerous.

There are many others that come close such as Nirvana Unplugged and AC/DC If you want blood or Frampton Comes Alive.

Live & Dangerous can cause many arguments as to how much of it is actually live due to studio overdubs but it's still out of this world.  If people are not familiar with Lizzy outside of The Boys are Back in Town, then this is a superb introduction to how bloomin talented this band was.

I would say Cash at Folsom rather than San Quentin for the win. It was the first and feels more dangerous/tense. 

It's not strictly a live album I guess as it's from more than one concert but would also put in a claim for Nina Simone's nuff said.  It's her at her absolute rawest. 



Nina Simone Live at Montreux 1976 would be a great shout Donny, but I think it's only a DVD and hasn't been released in album format.


It's a staggering performance though.

The 1953 live recording of Tosca by Maria Callas, Tito Gobbi and Guiseppe di Stefano, at La Scala. 

The record notes say it was recorded over several nights, but it plays as though the leads just started singing, realised they were in a state of grace, and kept going through unbroken to the final note. It is an unearthly magical thing that transcends any normal human anything. 

THANK GOD someone finally came up with Alchemy!



Though I also adore teh Ziggy Stardust farewell show with the announcement that the spiders from mars are breaking up, withthe gorgeous medley of Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud / all the young dudes / o you pretty things. In fact that's going on NOW (Followed by alchemy!)

Some good ones mentioned above (most of the usual suspects)

In addition:

Deep Purple -- Live in Japan

UFO -- Strangers in the Night

Kiss -- Alive

PS - Exit Stage Left by Rush isn't a very good live album

Queen - Live at Wembley (some of the live tracks at Rio are better, particularly the harder version of Another One Bites the Dust, but overall, Wembley was the more definitive set).

Nirvana - Unplugged - iconic

Clapton - Unplugged - debuted the new version of Layla and about a 15 minute version of Old Love.

Slightly less mainstream blues, but Joe Bonamassa at the Albert Hall, or Gary Moore at Monsters of Roack are awesome too.

Seen Bonamasa with my dad. As much as I appreciate having been to a gig with him, esp as he gets old, it was boring guitar w**kery of the highest order, from a guy who dresses like an accountant who has just bought a porsche as part of his mid life crisis. 

Slayer - Decade Of Aggression.

Nirvana Unplugged was mostly live, if I recall? That was was great. Generally, tho, live music is for listening to live.

Joe Bonamasa is a controversial figure in the guitarist community.  He can play but he's dull as dishwater.  He has warehouses full of classic Gibson LP's and Fender Twin amps so he controls the market.

he got to play Rory Gallagher's strat for a show and did one song... his own slow and dull "Sloe Gin".  At least Johnny Marr knew some Rory songs (which I didn't expect tbh) when he was given the chance to play it.

The 1953 live recording of Tosca by Maria Callas, Tito Gobbi and Guiseppe di Stefano, at La Scala. 

Well played. That voice.

At my Dad's funeral, the service ended with Callas singing La Wally. I had chosen it and I knew it was coming, but it still broke me when I heard it.