Being manager of Spurs

On the one hand, high profile, well paid and the club are a PL fixture and regular in Europe.

On the other hand, best player about to leave, poor morale, not enough transfer money, dysfunctional ownership and the fact it’s Spurs.

Who wants it? No one it seems.

Good chance that next year's Spurs v Chelsea fixture will see both teams managed by a manager who has been sacked by the other!

I reckon it's Harry Potter that they need - or at least someone who could perform a bit of magic on that squad!

Can't see Kane leaving.  Who's going to pay £100m for an aging player in the last year of his contract?

Spurs still have a chance of making the Euro Conf League - their rivals, Villa, have a tough final game vs Brighton.

Hope Spurs really make a go for this as it may well be Kane's best chance of winning some kind of trophy, if he stays with Spurs

Hard to argue with this as a spurs fan tbh.  

would personally like to see big harry the knapp get hauled out of retirement.  

A Ferguson/Sacchi/Guardiola combination couldn't win a trophy with Spurs as long as Levy is still around.

Doesn't really matter who comes in tbh

Shouldn't Spurs try to actively avoid qualifying for the conference league? Tinpot trophy that's not worth the trouble of Thursday fixtures and the harm it does to top 4 chances next season

Conf League win is a back door entry into the Europa if you're having another 'mare of a domestic season!

We suffer for our N15 allegiance. 
I was there in 67 at Totteringham Town hall on my fathers shoulders. 

Top-class managers who have left Spurs without winning a single trophy have gone on to win with other club and had won before coming to Tottingham.

Villas-Boas, to St Petersburg, Russia League Champions

Pochettino, Coupe de France and League One

Mourinho, AS Roma, Europa Conference League and now in the Europa League Final

Conte will win things at hos next club

Spurs is indeed a poisoned chalice. The club is a curse and that's the fault of the owners and the culture.

Big Sam or Hodgson should be next manger. Good tough English footy and a 4-4-2 system.