Average daily hours on phone/ipad

Excluding work. 

I'm too embarrassed to admit the levels it was at, but I've got it down to about 90m a day on average, and I'm sleeping better, have a better concentration span, more time to do leisure pursuits, feel better about myself and weekends seem longer. 

I would love to get it down to 15m a day and leave it behind, but various apps on my phone make it essential to take with me. (E-Discount vouchers for everyday spending, maps and the phone, for calling someone when I've been hit by a bus.)

Main strategy for me has been: 

  1. Phone physically off and in another room when not in use. (Physical speed bumps)
  2. Screen time to stop use past 10pm.
  3. Charging in another room.

A fun challenge was to see how long I could go on a single charge. 5 days. Tough but helped see the benefits of no phone use and was a good motivator.

You’ve got a powerful computer in your hand. You can use it to educate yourself, answer questions, keep up to date with the latest news and sporting scores. Why would you want to limit your use?

I was at about 7 hours a day. Ridiculous. I have been saved by a Literature Course for which I have to read lots of books and plays. Significantly happier from reading books. 

It is a powerful computer, but the software on it is written by people whose sole concern is profit and your wellbeing is a price they are willing to pay. 

There's a documentary by ex-facebook people - something like, but not, 'the social network'. Most people know that facebook wants your attention, but its quite scary to hear the details from the people who designed it. 

It's worth a watch. On your powerful computer, since you have one!


It’s scary that people still don’t see the need to limit phone use. It’s a bit like the people in the 1980s saying “it still hasn’t been proven that smoking is bad for you”

If this is a serious comment - please read Johann Hari’s Stolen Focus or any of the other good books in the genre 

As for me I am at somewhere between 2 and 3 hours on phone daily but I do a lot of my work on my phone as well because I am not at a desk all day, so a decent chunk of that is work.

Not sleeping with my phone and removing social media apps from my phone were the biggest bang for the buck 

What stru said.

There’s a new grass roots campaign  that’s gaining momentum to get smart phones banned at schools. 


2-3 hours a day, which is definitely too much. Would love to be about 10 minutes per day also.

What social media apps do you use?

Instagram and a bit of Rof for me. 

I’ve removed Facebook, LinkedIn, have never had Twitter or snap chat or Reddit or anything else 

Never had Insta or Snapchat. FB removed long ago. Have Twitter but last year managed to train myself to rarely use it unless looking at a specific tweet (ie no mindless scrolling) which has worked very well. 

Reddit is the only one I still spend significant time on (and Rof of course although I managed to avoid posting for the whole of 2023)

I only use instagram but to consume not post, and only via the web, not the app (speed bump.) 

I find insta can be useful (eg ideas for painting) but I think it tricks me into thinking it's more useful than it is. I've saved a few tutorials on how to take a better photo, but I'm yet to apply the method. 

Have deleted facebook and twitter, and youtube is only via the web, not an app. 


LinkedIn is very easily avoided if you’re unemployed. Twitter can be very informative. Facebook is a waste of not much time. Snapchat is literally for children, ditto DikTok. Reddit is unreadable. 

Au contraire. TikTok is where the future leaders and influencers are. I get a pretty positive response to my political videos. I could see why it isn’t for you tho

You’d be surprised how many young people have cottoned on that it’s the system that neeeds changing, without having had to live through years of left and right wing govts to understand all govt is the same