Aspects of culture that have no part in your life

Paintings tbf.

  1. Strictly, I’m A Celeb or Dancing on Ice; 
  2. The Kardashians or their constructed reality ilk. 
  3. Tiktok or Snapchat or whatever else
  4. Soap Operas
  5. Football, boxing, wrestling
  6. Any book apparently promoted by Richard & Judy 
  7. Botox or fillers
  8. Drinking on a school night
  9. Parenting or anything related to it
  10. Going to Dubai or Florida on holiday 

They are types of culture in that they are types of behaviour and customs within a society. 

If we are talking about intellectual cultural pursuits then: ballet. I just don’t get it. The thumps as they hit the stage was always weird for me cf the elegance of it. But there we go. Performance dance just feels quite silly in my mind, but far be it for me to stop anyone else enjoying it. 
Also, quite a lot of modern abstract art. Doesn’t speak to me in the way it must to others. 



not impugning then as art forms, just have no understanding for them and have never spent so much as a moment attempting to enjoy them 

Agree with stardust on all other than 9 (I have no choice as can’t ditch my sprogs) and 10 (I like Dubai!) x

Oh and I also sometimes watch strictly but only for the Argentine tangos.

Jiminy agree with basically  all of that list, except none of those dance shows at all are acceptable. But none of that stuff is culture as I see it, it’s shit telly or shit telly related beer and skittles bread and circuses that keeps people off the streets for most of the time. But it’s their life.

Also lifestyle shows, obvs. Any Run for the Hills type house in the country show. Ffs. There are towns and villages in the sticks. People live there. They’re backwaters but the scenery is nice. Move there if you like. The End 

I agree with my noble Lady Stardust and Lord Laz.

(Apart from the drinking on school nights, which in my dim and distant past I did do with alacrity and ‘parenting’ (not sure why that’s on the list).


I would add to the list:



A new PCP car every 3 years.

Computer games.

Did have a PlayStation for a while but it was nicked and I never bothered replacing it.

Not to get “paintings” is an incredibly broad statement. I get that some styles may not be someone’s cup of tea, but dismiss paintings is a bit like saying that you don’t like music .





Classical music

Modern art



Country sports, shooting etc


Man scaping

Tik tok


Twitter etc

Anti semitism 

Pro terrorism

Trans nonsense

Pronoun abuse




Flat earthism






Modern Feminism

Pro trans woke groupthink

Pro Israeli right wing groupthink 

Pro Russian left wing groupthink

Social media of any sort


Online gaming