Are you long, short (if so, lol @ u) or FOMO Big Tech?

Unkle told u. 

Very few retail investors short stuff

They either don't invest (which is kind of being short - except that there is no direct profit if the price decreases) or they chose baskets or investment options that exclude certain things (ditto)

If -- like most people these days -- you invest via passive funds and have an exposure to the U.S. market, you are already massively overweight Big Tech

There are 500 companies in the S&P 500 -- so every company accounts for 0.2% of the 500, but in reality the FANGS and their brethren account for a significant chunk, probably way over 50% (can't be bothered to Google)

So you are already exposed to the winners and the more they win (i.e. gain in market cap) the greater your exposure

I don't recommend single stock investing. We simply don't know how things will play out and for every Apple there is a first mover that didn't go anywhere (MySpace, etc.)

I am off to the gym now -- Happy Friday everyone!

As a young baller I invested hard in single stocks 

A completely pointless exercise as just lost cash 

Now as a mid 30s baller I only invest in funds ans leave it all to an expert to pick those 

So basically what Canute says 

I know imaginary internet ballers pick amazing stuff every time and never lose a penny. Seems true