Anyone off to Wembley today?
Shatner's bassoon 29 May 23 11:53
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Me: yes. 

Come on Tarn. 


The working classes saving it for Saturday

Big game 

Good v evil 

Sport v anti sport

Working class United v tourist human rights abusing cheating citeh 

The very soul of a proud city, no a proud sport, rests on a bunch of local lads, Marcus, Casemiro, Raphael etc

Good honest Manchester boys 

Not a cheat on sight 

About time Sheff Weds started climbing up the tables again. I remember one year they were top of the premier league (or maybe Div 1. as it was) for a few weeks and in both the FA Cup and League cup finals.

Then they crashed for the usual reasons.

I don't see how anyone can claim Wednesday deserved that. Awful penalty decision, dodgy red and then the worst team until extra time when Barnsley were out on their feet. 

Red wasn't dodgy, anyhow I don't really care with my, probably, biased view.  Owls are up and over the course of the season, we deserved a promotion spot.  Barnsley will do well next season.      

There are less London Championship fixtures nowadays.  Just QPR and at a stretch Watford. I doubt I will ever go to Millwall.  A club that can pull 45k to Wembley for a third tier final needs to be higher up though.   

You honestly think that Bento? 

Couple of generous pivotal decisions (no penalty for their bloke kicking ours and then a red card for our bloke not kicking theirs) and then they were second best with an extra man until extra time when we were understandably knackered but still had a good chance to probably win it. 

Er, no I was just being sarcastic. 

On balance I still think it was a red. Both feet up, no attempt to get the ball and he wasn’t in control. Yes I’ve seen worse that have gone unpunished.

However, I thought Barnsley played out of their skins and agree they looked the far better team for most of the second half. Norwood was very unlucky. Your keeper had a blinder, is he always like that? 

Windass Jr was a bit graceless given the circumstances. 

Commiserations, I’ve been on the other end of a play off final defeat and it’s shite. 


I can kind of see why the red was given but I don't think he was even attempting a tackle. It looked to me like he was trying to play the ball down the line and the Weds player nipped in. Galling that it's a red card for an attempt to play the ball but connecting with their bloke when apparently the same thing isn't even a foul in the Wednesday area 2 minutes earlier. 

Isted has been great for us this season, hope we keep him. I thought Norwood was fantastic when he came on, he was like a man possessed.

Having seen the highlights, the red was deserved. Flew in with both feet, high, no control, nowhere near the ball. It got VAR'd and upheld.

Penalty less clear cut. Gregory had his eyes on, and was clearly swinging for, the ball. Certainly wasn't a deliberate act and I wouldn't describe it as a particularly reckless - maybe careless though. Both players' legs were high and going for the ball. Perhaps the ref saw it as (as I do - Barnsley fans' MMV) as an accidental clash of legs of two players legitimately challenging for the ball. It was also VAR'd and upheld. That said, I've seen penalties given for more innocuous offences and I don't think could have had many complaints if it had been given.

Credit to Barnsley for upping their game after going down to ten. They carved out as many decent chances as Wednesday did in the remainder of normal time and then defended really well. Isted had a blinder and kept them in the game right until the (almost) end.

Bentines, in what way was Windass graceless? I heard a clip of him on the Today programme this morning saying how Wednesday shouldn't have been in League One, which did make me think he ought to wind his neck in a bit - is that what you meant?

True that Gregory had his eyes on and was swinging for the ball, but so did Phillips. If you watch it he wasn't going in for a tackle, he was attempting to play the ball side footed.

Both were examples of a player making a genuine attempt to play the ball and the opponent nipping in first. I don't get how one is a red but the other isn't a foul. 

Just his interview directly after the game. If you can’t give any credit whatsoever to a ten man team who’ve run you into the ground, minutes after scoring a play off final winner with 3 seconds to go. 

Mind you, didn’t have any time for his dad either…

Yeah, I can get that for two decisions which could have gone either way both to go against you, within the space of five minutes is gutting. I think in Phillips's case, the challenge was reckless and carried greater danger/risk of injury. Side-footed or not, jumping into challenges is likely to get you penalised. And yes, Gregory slid in as well, but I suppose the difference was that he got to and won the ball. If Phillips had been half a second quicker or Gregory slower, it could have been a red the other way. Sucks to potentially have your season turn on such tiny margins, but this is why we love football I am told.