Anyone having goose for Michaelmas?


No.  Goose is easily the worst tasting meat.*

*if anyone feels inclined to say bird meat isnt meat, please go and shut your dangly parts in a draw

what's a "draw", do you mean drawer?

I also don't know what Michaelmas is, is it a protestant thing?

"is it a protestant thing?"

No it's a Catholic thing, you oaf. It's the Feast of Michael and all Angels. 

It's also of great significance in the legal profession as it's a term in the Inns of Court. And it's a quarter day.

How do people not know this stuff? 

It's the patron Saint of M&S but can you find a goose there? You'd have thought they'd be pushing this festival a bit harder. 

Wot Octo said. Poor show from M&S on their patronal feast. 

Eddie, you need to get back to school, lad.