Anyone else been affected by the Capita hack?

Apparently my national insurance number etc are now on the dark web.

They've given twelve months of Experian Plus as "compensation".

Pretty sure this doesn't cover the lifetime of the risk...

Anyway, anyone fancy a class action?

I've had the "pleasure" of having to deal with Experian recently.

That 12 months sounds like a punishment, rather than compensation. They are, hands down, the single most useless company that I have ever, ever come across. I'm pretty sure that they don't actually employ anyone, but just parrot what the Registry Trust and/ or the Court tell them. That's literally it. And if they DO employ anyone, the it's just a single moron who will be replaced by the kind of AI that could run on a Raspberry Pi.

No, make that a Commodore 16. A broken one. 

Ive decided to pursue compo (compo face). Genuinely disturbing - the hackers had access to everything down to passport details and retirement dates.

Experian MIGHT be better than nothing but it only covers one aspect of the dangers of identity theft. 

Did they ask you for a credit card so you can your Experian account running automatically when the 12 months expires?

They offered me £1000.  I just need to send my bank account, sort code, post code and mother's maiden name.  They have all the other info on me.

Have been emailed. It’s linked to my pension ffs. Ive got Bitdefender digital identity theft stuff already so not convinced Experian will offer me anything extra. Waiting to hear

more and talking to others who are still in the scheme. 

If you're worried, you should visit, which tells you where you have been affected by breaches.

For example, I can tell that I was caught in hacks on Linkedin, MyFitnessPal and the "Collection #1 Breach".

It's true about the dark web Clergs.