Another Labour MP suspended

Labour have recently shown they’re ok with racism, will the sex stuff be eventually overlooked too?

'I don't recognise the allegations'

'If I have inadvertently caused offence to anyone, then I am naturally sorry'

F*ck off you mealy-mouthed pervert.


Tough titty, they’re going to anyway

Sir Woke it means they’re becoming no better on certain aspects of sleaze than those they are due to replace. Not a good look, especially before even getting into govt.

There are currently 5 Labour MPs who are suspended.  One of them has been suspended for nearly a year now.

Yes this means that where things go wrong, Labour takes swift and robust action to deal.

Please compare and contrast the approach of the tozzas LOOK! OVER THERE! A TRANS PERSON TRYING TO USE THE TOILET!

Labour takes swift and robust action to deal.

Yes, by sending them on a diversity course before readmitting them as if nothing happened (Rupa Huq).

Labour meatshields are just as tragic as Tory ones.

No-one is meatshielding though. It’s absolutely right he’s been suspended.

What we are not doing is using the distraction techniques so beloved of the right and tbeir m7s in the media. LOOK! AN IMMIGRANT!

Which newspaper can Labour call up and ask to publish a bread and circus distraction story to cover up the bad news?

Not really. This suspension follows the procedures they implemented to get out of special measures (or whatever it was) after the EHRC found them guilty of institutional racism.

The whole disciplinary process starts with administrative suspension.

The only Labour MPs who've escaped administrative suspension so far are Claudia Webbe (following her conviction and subsequent failed appeal against suspension), Jeremy Corbyn, who was expelled, and the two racists Rupa Huq and Neil Coyle who were allowed back in under Keir Starmer's "Zero tolerance for racism" policy promise.

The other five are still administratively suspended.

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Meanwhile, hordes of wildbeasts are rampaging across Clapham Common with labouring MPs.

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I have clearly called, in this thread and generally, for abusers to go to the GAOL