Alcaraz v Djokovic

Very much looking forward to this on Friday.  

Alcaraz has destroyed every opponent so far in this competition, including 5th seed Tsitsipas yesterday, and this match will be a real test for him.  Djoko obviously highly motivated to win his 23rd GS. 

Alcaraz in 4 sets, I reckon. 


If he plays like he did for the first two sets against Tsitsipas yesterday he’ll beat Novak in straight sets. 

I don’t think it’s a good match up for Novak. He doesn’t like being drawn forwards, as he prefers the lateral attrition game… Carlos has weaponised the drop shot so Novak is going to be spending much more time at the net trying to remember how volleys work. 

Should be a great match and deserving of a final.

If there is any dip in form of Alcaraz, Djokovic will be onto him and if it goes to 5 sets, I can see Djokovic winning.

It depends on who can impose their game on the other.