Air Fryer

We have just bought an air fryer.  Based on a couple of nights' use, I think this might be the best gadget since the soup maker.

The soup maker retains number one spot in the kitchen gadget league 

It's like a big kettle.  If you have left over vegetables, chuck them all into the soup maker with some stock and seasoning.  Select either smooth or chunky.  I like smooth.  I have a Morphy Richards soup maker and it is brilliant.  If you buy one, I recommend one with a sautee function for the onions.  It's a great gadget.

It is a hell of a lot faster.  Soup in around 20 mins.  My house loves soup at this time of year.  My favourites are lentil and roasted tomato and basil.  You won't regret it if you buy one.  

It's great for chucking stuff in that is fresh and left over. It is my go-to gadget.

We recently bought a Ninja Rapid Cooker/Air Fryer. I don't know what kind of witchcraft it uses, but it cooks really good meals in under 20 minutes. Great for our nanny to make dinner for the kids when they get home from school.

It's dirt cheap at the moment:

Be warned, tho, it's ugly as fook  and too big/heavy to keep inside a cupboard if you plan to use it regularly.

My soup maker is great.  It can go into the cupboard after use.  It doesn't need a hob.  It is, quite simply, the best gadget in my kitchen during the winter months.  

What I love is being able to chuck left-overs into it (depending on personal taste) and making soup.  Who doesn't love soup?

Lol @ chuck them in with some stock. Stock is the hard bit of making soup. 

Our kitchen is full of these shitty things. The cake pop maker is the biggest waste of space, closely followed by the candy floss maker. In fact the only gadgets worth having are a soda stream, toasted sandwich maker and popcorn maker. 

Kingfaff, I have one of those devices and I am going to give it away for the simple reason that it is too big for us.  It takes up too much space.

The air fryer is smaller.

However, the soup maker (the jewel of my kitchen) goes in to a cupboard after use.  

Sounds like a load of bollocks to me. It will enjoy the initial hype of the microwave and then sink back to the present day usage of the microwave, ie heating things up. 

The only modern day gadget that can hold its own among other kitchen accessories is the rice cooker. 


There was a question to the panel on The Kitchen Cabinet podcast about whether any of them would recommend an air fryer. Resounding no. 

I love the process of cooking, anyway. I got shown a Thermomix at a food event. Everyone else was in gashfroth mode about it, but I genuinely thought it took all the fun out of everything. It cost a fvcking grand. 

Incidentally, I did get given a lovely chef’s knife for my birthday this year. I really am a journey plus destination foodie. 

We've had ours for about a year and use it no less than we did in the first month. It's a small oven (or two ovens) which can cook at hig  temperatures with minimal preheat time. Same cooking prep, same cooking skills, just more immediate temp control.


I have no shitty gadgets. I have one basic KitchenAid Blender in red used daily and I have just ordered a small soup maker from Lakeland as I am told they are worth having and yes I often need fresh healthy food cooked reasonably quickly. That’s all I have as I don’t like wasting money or unused items taking up space and gathering dust. I do have a toaster and kettle. 

Why do you need soup at such short notice?

I reckon to save energy. I get that home made stock is superior that a cube/store bought but it's just faster.

Old grumpy - how much are you saving on energy with the soup maker?  And air fryer afficionados, is there an energy saving advantage to using one?  I have a standard size oven and smaller one which I suppose is like a slightly larger air fryer so can't justify an AF unless the energy efficiency is uberturboultra amazing.

Also are people still using pressure cookers or slow cookers?

We have an air fryer and it’s perfect for norty foods: bacon, sausages, fish fingers, chips.

I am sure it’s more economical than putting the big oven on, not least because it cooks in about 20 -30% less time.

Not had it long but will be experimenting with real food soon.

Question for other air-fryer heads - do you wash your compartments every time you use them, or only if they are actually covered in sauce/fat etc?

Only time we don't PP if if we've cooked using a silicone liner type thingy.

I've never used ours to keep things warm but can't see why you couldn't use the dehydrate setting for that as you can set the temp from 60-90C

I resisted for years but now I have one I use it all the time.  

It's basically rendered my oven useful for only large roasts.

Easily char grill veg, great for drumsticks, fish fingers, oven chips if you're that way inclined, actual chips (needs a bit of research but I've achieved very satisfactory results), prawns, salmon (lovely crispy skin). You can do this all in the oven but the power consumption of the air fryer is minimal, it cooks in half the time and it doesn't really require preheating. 


I even do soft boiled eggs in mine (9mins at 120).