2 tales of customer service (Deliveroo bad)..

a few weeks ago, I ordered some groceries through Deliveroo and settled in to watch a movie.  My order seemed delayed so I checked the app and it said the rider would be with me in 7 minutes, so I went back to my movie.  About 15 minutes later, I still hadn't got the ordr so I checked the app and it said "Delivered on time, thanks for the tip!"

I had received no delivery, so I called and was told "you gave the rider your code".  I most certainly had not!  I called the store (a dark kitchen) and they called the driver, called me back and literally told me he was a liar and they were reporting him.  So, I called Deliveroo again and was once again met with "you gave the rider your code".

It may only have been £30 (plus tip) but I'm livid about this.  I've figured out that this driver had delivered to me before and KNEW my code but Deliveroo wouldn't accept this either.  I now realised that this guy has my address and could show up to wreak his revenge on me for reporting it.

I will never use this company again.


On a more positive side.  GAK.co.uk in Brighton.  

Last week I won a guitar in a competition, a beautiful Epiphone Firebird.  The guitar arrived on Friday and I excitedly opened the box and found the neck had been snapped off in transit.. I reported it by email to GAK who immediately called me, apologised and arranged a courier to come and collect it.  They didn't have a direct replacement so asked me to choose something else, I went for a more expensive guitar which now arrives tomorrow.

Literally no questions asked, no attempt to blame me for it and the smoothest customer care I've encountered in years.  Mke from GAK was actually on annual leave when he called me.  The guitar was £650.


Big difference.


Tell me your horror story

Deliveroo refused to refund me on groceries when half of the order didn't arrive because the same thing happened a day previously so they decided I was lying. No way to override the computer decision. Idly considered suing them then got tired.

Clergs, I said that to them, "you're calling me the liar"  Despite the fact I'd spent thousands with them since they started up and only complained when items were missing.  They used to just make good.  Looks like new management now.

I told them I'd show up at their offices to make my complaint (having been there for work reasons previously)

This is a great example of the “enshittificafion” process that big online platforms go Through - there was a good article in FT Weekend two weeks ago by Cory Doctorow about it and he’s written about it elsewhere too.

Smaller and earlier stage platforms are trying to get big and grow so they actually offer value to the users - that’s how they get users and customers. Once a critical mass of customers have been locked in and have limited alternatives to choose from (eg Deliveroo and UberEats are basically a duopoly), then the focus shifts to adding value to shareholders and pumping the bottom line and squeezing the customers. 

The stories above are a fine example of this dynamic - Doctorow gives many more 

I think the codes are unique to each transaction.  Would hardly work if the delivery driver didn't know the code though so that's how he got it.


I have complained on just eat before for missing items.  They never quibble and just refund probably as they take back straight from the restaurant.  That is what surprised me here, why do they care enough when they will deduct from the supplier unless YOU are decided to be dodgy by the AI.  Definitely issue, get full disclosure as to what data they hold to disbelieve you (surely a data request of them regardless) and report back only for board amusement.

I might add that the fact it’s acceptable to get anything but anything comestible delivered by a bloke on a bike to your front door because tech ooh market oohhh customer always right is one of the reasons the economy and planet are fvcked.

Firstly, I have had the same code for every single delivery since they were introduced during lockdown.  I raised this with them during my dispute.  I order food once or twice a week depending on how busy I am, so like others, I assumed the code changed on every order.

The driver isn't given the code, they input it in their phone and it confirms if it's correct.  So, the only way the rider could have known the code was that he had delivered to me previously.  That particular week, I had ordered twice before and one of the drivers came across as dodgy.  

Secondly, I ordered on this occasion because I didn't want to have to lug the heavy items home