raven wolf

Cross Raven Wolf at your peril.

A Canadian man's attempts to sue government lawyers and his landlord for $900 trillion have been rejected by a Calgary court.

Raven Wolf (yes, that is his awesome name) had previously pleaded guilty to a criminal charge, but he sued Canadian prosecutors for $900 trillion in compensation anyway, alleging that they "assaulted" him with "meny allege harassement allegations" [sic].

Wolf provided no justification for "this exceptionally large sum", said John Rooke, associate chief justice in Calgary, who observed that "this amount is vastly more than Canada’s entire annual gross domestic product, of about $1.64 trillion".

Wolf attempted to extract another $900 trillion from his trailer park landlords. In a separate action, he accused them of harassing him with "3 Eviction note in on week" [sic]. 

A further set of claims saw the industrious litigant ask for two restraining orders as well. One would have compelled government workers to stay at least 200m away from him, and the other was intended to require trailer park staff to "back off and get the 'FUCK' out of my face".

The judge concluded that Wolf's wave of "cryptic" allegations, spread across five claims and following a barrage of similar complaints which were tossed out two months ago, "make no sense". Ruling that they were "hopeless" and constituted an abuse of process, he said it was clear that Wolf was "engaged in persistent, repeated, abusive litigation", and encouraged his targets to apply for a vexatious litigant order to get his wings clipped/tail docked.

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Anonymous 12 August 22 10:10

I think he might nail it on his next attempt. Give Raven Wolf a chance!

pigeon poodle 12 August 22 11:43

Go big or go home!

Anonymous 12 August 22 14:44

"I think he might nail it on his next attempt"

... in fairness, he does only need to nail it once.



(Yes yes, I know, "like your maternal relation" etc etc etc)

The Boy that Cried Wolf 12 August 22 15:07

I just came here to use the name.

Panda’s mate 14 August 22 10:40

Is this the rof discussion board’s occasional poster, Panda? Sounds like it

benj_warrant 16 August 22 14:29

Sovereign citizen, I betcha. It's their USP - fantastically high claims for ridiculously trivial issues. First time I've seen one in the trillions, though; biggest before this was only in the $tens of billions.

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