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Squire PB associate claims sexism and crazy hours led her to quit $400k job
Blows up on Reddit with gory details of rich, unhappy life ... read more >
Female solicitors set to outnumber men by 2017
Stats reveal over 1,200 men over 70 are still renewing their Practising Certificates ... read more >
Exclusive: "Ruthless" Citibank culls its London lawyers
Staff wonder if they'll have to go on the game ... read more >
RPC promotes GB Kendo boss to partner
Along with two less armoured colleagues ... read more >
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Jones Day car reg latest and London's unexpected Leading Solictiors revealed ... read more >


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Asia Pacific Headlines
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Glamorous Solicitor

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Firm of the Year 2016: The Results

Thousands of lawyers, trainees and staff have rated their firms for pay, promotion prospects, management, culture and working hours (as well as meeting room biscuits, loos and social life). Check out the full results for the Firm of the Year 2016 survey and read the stories, filled with comments from insiders. It's a tale of great triumphs and a Golden Turd.

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Dodgy Solicitor Top Trumps
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Clifford Chance is recruiting mid-level lawyers into its financial institutions practice and its US Capital Markets practice. Apply now.
Briffa Intellectual Property lawyers is looking for a NQ or similar. The firm advises clients in various industries including media, technology, advertising, fashion, internet, new media and design. Details here.


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