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Exclusive: HSF teaches lawyers how to laugh
04 November 2016
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Lawyers at Herbert Smith Freehills have been taught how to laugh. The horrific results can be seen here:

The side-splitting lesson was held at the firm's Dubai office to celebrate the Diwali festival, and has been posted on Facebook because when HSF laughs, the whole world laughs with them, or at them.

Staff are initially reluctant when the yoga instructor orders them to start laughing. Some wag their fingers. One says "this is stupid". But they carry on, and soon everyone has simple, foolish joy etched on their faces.

Then it was back to their desks.

  The laugh of a lawyer who pretends he doesn't need this, but he needs this

  The laugh of a lawyer who is missing a deadline and has become hysterical

  The laugh of lawyers who've realised how funny a finger is, if you really look at it

  The laugh of a killer  

A spokeswoman for the firm said, "We are delighted to see that partners and staff enjoyed our Diwali Party in Dubai" and their "introduction to the practice of laughter yoga, which improves mindfulness and mental well-being".


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