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Exclusive: Ex-Clifford Chance chief sets up rival firm in the same building
13 May 2016
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The former Managing Partner of Clifford Chance's Sydney office, Mark Pistilli, has set up his new firm in the same office block as CC. The lift could soon become a confined space of etiquette dilemma, as Pistilli bumps into ex-colleagues and wonders whether to make small talk, stare in silence, or try to poach them.

Pistilli, along with another ex-CC partner Danny Simmons, launched the eponymous firm Pistilli Simmons on 1 May following the pair's departure from the magic circle firm earlier this year. The boutique firm has already hired senior counsel Jane Ann Gray and Joni Henry from CC. If Pistilli Simmons is looking to poach others, the proximity of the offices could be helpful for speedy interviews, although applicants will have to come up with an inventive excuse if spotted by the CC management legging it up the extra flights of stairs.

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As well as nabbing staff, Pistilli Simmons has also already secured instructions from a few of CC's clients including APA Group, Sumitomo Corporate and Glencore. CC's new managing partner, Diana Chang, said she was unconcerned about the launch of the boutique firm, adding that the magic circle firm's strategy has not changed and that she was positive "about where our firm is heading". And by that she didn't mean up to Pistilli Simmons' office on the 19th floor.


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13/05/2016 11:29
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