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Edinburgh trainees launch hangover business
28 June 2013
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Two trainees at an Edinburgh firm have launched a new venture delivering junk food, fizzy drinks and hugs to hungover Scots.

The pair have set up a Facebook account which already has more than 6,000 likes. Any readers in Edinburgh who got as tight as an owl last night and are reading this through bloodshot eyes can call 07810 537792, and whatever they desire - smokes, McDonalds, Irn Bru - will wing its way to them for just a £5 delivery charge. Apparently the drivers will give hugs to those who request it, and they "don't provide sh*t chat, something we know you could do without when you're hungover".

Sadly the service is currently only available at weekends. Although given the parlous state of the Scottish legal market, the pair may soon find themselves earning more than they get for the day job.

    A hungover owl, yesterday

The young entrepreneurs are currently unidentified as they don't want their firm to find out, the Scotsman reports.


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